Okay, so this week on the blog was pretty running heavy – which makes sense, because, well, my life is pretty running heavy πŸ˜‰ You know, with the 10K, my random racing thoughts, running playlist additions and McMillan talk – but you know what, I do recognize that there are some readers that reach my site that are not 100 percent into running and that’s okay.

So for you, my friends (and also, for you my running friends) I would like to present my list of “Trends that I do not Understand” – inspired a repository of thoughts that have appeared in my brain over the past few weeks – and yes, these probably popped into my mind while running, but I digress

  • Color RunsΒ – I like, nay LOVE having fun. I love running. But the sudden popularity in paying $$ to run these untimed 5K races, while being simultaneously pelted with technicolor powder? No, I don’t understand it…and after this recent issue with a what I see as a copycat company, my disinterest was just confirmed. Oh, and one more thing – how DARE you call yourself ‘the happiest 5K on the planet.’
  • Owls – okay, I am admittedly deathly afraid of birds…and this recent article just solidified that fear, but seriously, what is up with owls as a cute ‘thing’? Owl fans, please let me know, I know you’re out there!
  • Mustaches – just….why?

…some things I will just never understand.

What are you into lately?



  1. Don’t let my wife see number three! She’s obsessed with mustaches! Though, she definitely couldn’t tell you why.

  2. I secretly love owls. I don’t really know why but my love for them grew ten-fold when I became a jewelry designer for Origami Owl. Shameless plug. πŸ™‚ The strange thing is I generally don’t care for birds. My husband hates them.
    Mustashes I do not get at all and yet they are everywhere!
    Color runs seem fun but I have a feeling I would get pelted right in the face or something. I think a Disney 5K would be a bazillion times more fun but I haven’t done those either.

  3. i don’t get the mustache thing either but i do love owls πŸ™‚ but now i feel like its too over-rated to like them….i’d like to say, i thought owls were cool before it become popular.

  4. Ugh-the mustache thing….GGGAAAAHHHH! LOL Seriously, I do not get it. Lately my twitter feed has been blowing up with people making an attempt to be funny about bacon. I don’t get it.

  5. Ha…each year with the craft show I help with here I predict the top 3 “trends” in DIY and crafting and I have yet to miss! This past year it was 1) owls 2) mustaches and 3) “native” designs. Last year it was squirrels, the year before that was hedgehogs. People are just weird. I mean seriously though…it’s a mustache! I’m not like oooh leg hair how cute? Think I’ll put it on a purse and wear it??! I’ve loved owls (as in the actual animals) since I was a kid though, so I’m just ahead of the trend I guess.

    Also color runs are disappointing. WAAAY too much build up for a badly organized “race” with rude people. And the color washed right out even though I followed the instructions so you’re left with an (overpriced) race tee that now just looks dingy. Not worth the $, at least part of it went to charity. But I’d never do it again! I missed the zombie run this year, but otherwise Warrior is the only “themed” race I’d do again.

  6. Haha! I love your post.
    I LOVE owls. Maybe not the “Owl trend” thing like decorating your babies room with them, but the real bird. To me they symbolize being able to navigate through the darkness. Whenever I have heard or seen an owl in nature it has been during a difficult time in my life. SInce Owl’s are nocturnal and have highly sensitive powerful eyes in the pitch black, it reminds me to be strong, see things clearly and navigate through the darkness that comes with being human. I know I’m kooky. I love my birds. I am a bird nerd for sure. Hope you have a wonderful weekend mighty bear (my new nickname for you, I know you love bears) You’re the best! xoxo

  7. Hahaha, I love this. Color runs, I don’t get at all. I have had so many friends ask me to do ones this summer and I am like, nope. I don’t want to get dirty. I am the same with the Adventure Races, that isn’t for me at all.

    And owls. Creepy! And bunnies/rabbits. They creep me out. That baby’s room with the owls would scare the bejeesus out of me. πŸ™‚

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