Join me in America’s Toughest Road Marathon: RACE ENTRY GIVEAWAY!

Blue Ridge Marathon logo

Last year, I had the opportunity to participate in one of my favorite race weekends to date, the Blue Ridge Marathon in Roanoke, Virginia. I ran the half marathon this year after winning an entry from David‘s blog, but as I annouced recently, I am taking no prisoners in 2013 as I take on the challenge of the FULL….and I want YOU to join me on APRIL 20, 2013 too!!

Blue Ridge Marathon

Pre-race smiles on race day!

No, I am serious! How serious, you ask? Well, as I previously mentioned, there’d be a lot of updates from me about this race because I am SO stoked to announce that I am an official Blue Ridge Marathon blogger – which means a lot of things…but most important to you, it means I have A FREE ENTRY to share with YOU!

The Blue Ridge Marathon is not for the faint of heart….check out this video to see what I mean:

After seeing that, I am SURE you are interested! And entering to win YOUR free entry (to the half or full marathon) is super easy – all you have to do is answer this question: why do you want to run the Blue Ridge Marathon?

This contest will be open through Saturday, October 6 at 11:59 PM – I will announce the winner on October 8th on my Monday morning post.

So, why do YOU want to run the Blue Ridge Marathon?

27 thoughts on “Join me in America’s Toughest Road Marathon: RACE ENTRY GIVEAWAY!

  1. I want to do this marathon because I was born in the area and have family still living there. I love the mountains and I think the challenge would be fun 🙂

  2. I would LOOOVE to run the Blue Ridge (Half) Marathon because I love the Blue Ridge Mountains. I’ve only driven on the BRP once, but I would really like to experience it again. My dream is to live in the mountains someday! Plus, I love the challenge of some “hills”!! 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway!

  3. I want to run it because I am dying to run a destination marathon. This would be perfect! Some of my favorite non-running memories are in the Blue Ridge Mountains and I am anxious to add this event as my favorite running memory!

  4. I would love to be able to return to the Blue Ridge Mararhon again for the challenge of running up that beautiful mountain. I don’t even mind the 9hr drive from central Alabama to get there!

  5. I’ve never been, and don’t even know where this race is at, but I will have completed my first full marathon this October 21 and am looking for more challenging races. Also I was challenged by a friend to complete this race, and I love a good challenge!

  6. I’ve said so many times this year that I don’t think I want to run a full! I’m not sure when it how that changed but somehow it has. My husband and I have a goal to race a half in every state and we haven’t run in VA yet… And surely the full would count in our quest right??

  7. I would love to run this race as it would be a destination race for me and I get to bring the family and discover a new place in Virginia that I haven’t made it to yet. Last week I ran a trail half marathon with similar incline stats, and this looks like the next challenge for me. Well that and Pikes Peak!

  8. I would love to (attempt) to run the Blue Ridge (Half) Marathon! 🙂 I have never been to Virginia and what better excuse to visit? It sounds very challenging, but fun and scenic.

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  10. I want to do this marathon to be able to say I’ve run and conquered those blasted mountains! 😉

  11. Running the BRM would be an awesome way to celebrate my birthday! (It’s also a good time of year to escape Seattle’s drizzly rain this Southern girl hasn’t yet gotten used to & to visit family in VA.)

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