How to: Apply to the WDW Moms Panel (Part 1)

One day, I certainly hope that there will be a post that addresses How to: Earn a spot on the WDW Moms Panel, but in the interim, I am glad to share with you all today how to begin this magical journey!

Step One…

Once a year, the Walt Disney World Moms Panel opens up a full-scale recruitment process in order to find new panelists to join the team. After the announcement is made, historically the application page is open for one week. In 2012, the application was open September 10 (9:00 AM) to September 14 (11:59 PM) or once 14,000 applications were submitted – whichever one happened first.

According to fellow Moms Panel applicants (gleaned by following twitter hashtag #WDWmoms) applications were accepted all the way through the last hours of September 14th, so it is difficult to say how many were received.

But, back to the application process!

As Zannaland outlined in her post last year, the application is a multi-step process that all begins with a log-in to the Disney site. This log-in is the same one for all Disney family sites – so if applicants already have one, the first step is already taken care of!

One log-in, countless Disney sites!

In my next post, I will share a sneak peek into what the application looks like!


Until then, please feel free to leave any questions or comments you have, I’d be happy to help!

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