I am freaking out excited right now…just booked my flights for my January runDisney extravaganza!!

…sadly, not my plane.

Yes, it’s a total of 7 flights (eep!) and an unsavory amount of flying time, but for two Disney trips in one week, with the promise of two incredible races, tons of friend meetups (from old to new and virtual to IRL) and at an INCREDIBLE price (I am still pinching myself and re-reading the itinerary to find “the catch”) it is sure to be one of the most amazing weeks EVAR.

Okay, caught my breath again. And yes, I will be going to WDW next month as well (albeit a much shorter trip) so I realize that I must focus on other things in life – like work, school (which is going great this semester, thanks for asking) and marathon training…but DISNEY. DISNEYWORLD. WALT DISNEY WORLD….

What’s making YOUR week?!


    • I am sending you a double order of pixie dust, girl! You deserve it.

      (Baggage fee is $25, I think you sneaking in is totally kosher!!)

  1. Love the picture of the plane–too cute! I’m packing up and shipping out to move to a new city today–ekkk! Very exciting and nerve-wrecking! 😀

  2. What’s making my week? I’m going to California this weekend. I’m going to have In-N-Out. That pretty much speaks for itself.

    • That is TOTALLY exciting! I haven’t had In N Out since UVM! Next time I have it will be in January 🙂

  3. Awesome! We just got back from WDW and our first runDisney race. The ToT 10 miler was so much fun. That, the Food & Wine Festival AND being there for EPCOT’s 30 th anniversary made it one of the best Disney trips we’ve experienced yet which is saying a lot because we are DVC members and go as often as we can. Can’t wait for MLK weekend in January, we’ll be back!

    • I definitely wish I could’ve been there for Epcot 30 but I had SO much fun reading about everyone’s experiences and following along via social media 🙂 isn’t being a part of DVC grand?!? I am so excited to buy my Annual Pass next month!!

    • Alison – haha, yes in fact I am!!

      Charlottesville, VA to Orlando, FL (stopover in Dulles)
      Orlando to Santa Ana, CA (stopover in Houston)
      Santa Ana back to Charlottesville (stopovers in San Francisco and Dulles)

      I am so excited. Thank you for the well wishes 😀

  4. Yay!! So exciting!!! I love the picture of the plane. I can’t wait for Princess (my next time to WDW)!!

  5. Too bad you aren’t on the Disney plane in the photo…that would be awesome! Where are you staying for Wine and Dine? Christine and I would love to meet you.

    • Hi Pam! I hope to meet you and Christine as well! Hubs and I will be staying at Saratoga Springs Resort this trip from 11/8-11 🙂

  6. We are at the Caribbean Beach from Nov. 8-12th. In January we are staying at the Poly…can’t remember the dates and too tired to get up from my “ma” chair to look!

    • i love the Polynesian! So calm and beautiful…and they’ve got REAL coffee!! Mmmm…hehe. I’ll be at Beach Club 1/12-/14 and 14-17 at Bay Lake Tower 🙂

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