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Outrunning the Monorail is going big-time!

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Not only can you read the blog here, but you can check out updates and network with other runDisney and Moms Panel fans on Facebook here: Outrunning the Monorail 🙂

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What is your favorite form of social media…and why?


  1. My favorite social media is Facebook! I don’t know why! Haha probably because it’s the only one I use. I have a Twitter account but it doesn’t hold my interest as much. Also, most my friends have Facebook. I love being able to share pics and see other people’s, and I LOVE being a part of groups like teamrundisney!!

    • Definitely agree about the awesomeness of Facebook groups! #TeamrunDisney is a fun place for sure 🙂 Thanks for the comment, Laurel!

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