Meet the 2013 Moms Panel Hopefuls: Sue Nowicki

Meet Sue Nowicki!
Name: Sue Nowicki
Location (city/state): New Carlisle, Indiana (born and raised in Phippsburg, Maine)
Twitter: @Suzanne033
Who is your favorite Disney character and why?
I know it’s not a ‘traditional’ Disney character but I LOVE Tim Allen’s version of Santa Claus in the ‘Santa Clause‘ trilogy. His portrayal of both the physicality and personality of Santa Claus is exactly how I pictured Santa when I was a child. I am also a huge sucker for the holiday season which makes these movies a must see for my family each year (usually several times LOL).
What is your Team Mom experience?
For the past three season, I have been the team mom for my daughter’s travel volleyball team.  For the past two years, her team has played in AAU Volleyball Nationals at ESPN Wide World of Sports. My duties as Team Mom include taking care of the financial matters of the team, travel arrangements (ie. hotels, team meals, playing schedule, etc.), maintenance of the seeding information, administrator of the team website and overall cheerleader.
What is your favorite Team/Sports event at Disney?
My favorite event during Nationals, beside the play itself of course, is the Opening Ceremonies. Disney really puts amazing touches into the evening with not only ‘official’ speakers but several Disney characters making appearances as well. It truly feels like an Olympic Opening Ceremony as they light a torch, introduce the teams one-by-one, and offically call the games open. It’s a great way to kick-off the event which this year featured over 1,000 teams!!
What got you interested in the Disney Moms Panel?
I honestly knew nothing about the Mom Panel until I received an email from Disney the Friday morning applications were set to close. Since it was addressed to me as ‘Team Mom’ I thought it had something to do with my daughter’s team. After reading it, I was intrigued so I started to do some research. Once I found out what it was all about I knew I had a lot of information I could impart to other team mom’s coming to Disney for their tournaments.
Anything else you want to add?
I am so excited and honored to be a part of this amazing group of Round 2 hopefuls. Their excitement and passion for Disney astounds me.
I am so very excited to feature you on the blog today, Sue! This year is the first application season for the new “Team Mom” specialty and from the looks of your application, you definitely have what it takes to rock the panel with your experience 🙂

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