Taper Tuesday

Last night, as I was drifting off to sleep, I realized that I had never shared my splits from Baltimore – but since it is taper week, I reasoned that sleep was just a teeny bit more important than doing that, so I waited until this morning ๐Ÿ™‚

(saw this on a friend’s FB page)

With the marathon coming up on Sunday, I am doing my best to channel that “low stress” feeling that I had for Baltimore, but I know it will be pretty challenging to do so – after all, that race I did lots of non-advised things…I didn’t taper, I wore new clothes and pretty much ran without a plan. However, there were some things I did do right: I started off slow and dressed in layers and was never uncomfortable. So with that said, here they are, all mile splits in their glory (and evidence that I did not do a fantastic job running tangents):

Total miles: 26(point)41

Mile 1 – 9:06, Mile 2 – 8:39, Mile 3 – 8:58, Mile 4 – 8:15, Mile 5 – 8:06, Mile 6 – 8:26, Mile 7 – 8:04, Mile 8 – 8:00. Mile 9 – 8:04, Mile 10 – 8:17, Mile 11 – 8:18, Mile 12 – 8:47, Mile 13 – 8:12, Mile 14 – 7:58 (fastest mile), Mile 15 – 8:05, Mile 16 – 8:19, Mile 17 – 8:24, Mile 18 – 9:08, Mile 19 – 8:29, Mile 20 – 9:15, Mile 21 – 8:21, Mile 22 – 9:26 (slowest mile), Mile 23 – 8:28, Mile 24 – 8:21, Mile 25 – 8:48, Mile 26 – 8:04, Last .4 – 3:21 (8:14 pace)

To be honest, I am still pretty floored about that race and I know that I have it in me to push it even harder but on this taper Tuesday, I am feeling so many emotions, it’s pretty crazy (oh, and it probably doesn’t help that once again, mother nature has aligned this race with another emotional time, hah).

Evidence: I cried in the car when I heard this cover of one of the best songs (the best song?!) ever –

On top of that, I felt just a bit overwhelmed with the crush of final projects due here at the end of fall semester and decided to just zone out last night and bake cookies and take a bath (glad I did BTW, my head does feel a lot clearer).
So, yeah, that’s pretty much where I am right now this week…and no matter what happens this weekend, I know that I put in the training (gas is in the tank) and for that, I am proud.

How do you beat the taper tantrums?


  1. I understand and felt that way myself before. Training can be emotional, ups and downs. It helps me to create a new upbeat playlist and plan a new workout course. Hang in there ๐Ÿ˜Š

    • Thanks, Steph!!!! And yes, I will have to listen to this song a few more times to give myself perspective on what is important โค

  2. Like Jess said, there are so many ups and downs during the training cycle. Trust the work that you’ve put into your training and you will be great this weekend. BTW – we returned from our trip to Disney and had so.much.fun. The boys had a blast. Thanks for your advice!

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