Since last week’s marathon, I’ve done something that I have never done since starting running back in 2010:

Zero Week.


It’s been the weirdest experience! I slept in every single day (til at least 6:30 AM) and with the exception of Wednesday night, when I did a little lifting, I haven’t done any exercise either. I thought it would be really hard to see everyone’s awesome dailymile updates but really, it didn’t even bother me.

I am going to keep up the trend until Monday morning, when I look forward to ease back in with an easy run – after all, the Walt Disney World Marathon sure ain’t gonna run itself – but I honestly do think that this week was a great learning experience – and for a few reasons:

  • Not running meant I was without my standard stress-relief…so instead I wrote a pretty emotional post for my bi-monthly contribution to Beyond Distance. You can read that hereΒ πŸ™‚
  • Not running meant not stressing about getting to bed early. (On that note, I actually felt a lot more tired this week…)
  • Not running meant more time toward homework and last-minute stuff for the end of the semester.
  • Not running meant less laundry. Haha!!
  • Not running meantΒ I never dreaded a run. In fact, if it wasn’t for DailyMile’s week starting on a Monday, I’d be getting up early tomorrow to run since I am totally aching for one now, but I am so – err – particular, that I don’t want to mess up how my mileage graph looks πŸ˜‰

Above all, not running meant something so simple that it was profound: it signified to me that I, in fact, am a runner. I don’t need to run dozens of miles each week to PROVE anything – the only person that I have toΒ answer to is myself.

In the coming weeks, I will be easing into some sort of makeshift marathon plan of my own design and having an absolute blast down in Florida, then California. I am so excited to be around so many friends and fellow runners that do this for the same reasons that I do: for the challenge, friendships and experience – and I cannot wait to share that all with you!

Do you ever take breaks from running? If you don’t run, how about the sports/activities you’re passionate about?


  1. I think everyone needs breaks and in fact this time allows your body to heal and become faster, not to mention we all need a mental break from it as well. I wish I were running Disneyland or at least cheering you on, Damn! your so close and yet it’s about 2 hour drive for me. gah!

  2. I think it’s healthy to have a zero week. I usually take a little time off after a big race. In fact, after the 10-miler in March, for a month afterward, I didn’t have any runs longer than six miles.

  3. Zero weeks are definitely healthy. I took one last week, other than a few sporadic workouts, but I was also recovering from an ankle thing, and I thought it was best to take a week off. It was nice, but it made me more thankful to get back into the running groove!

  4. I am glad that you had a zero week. You have been running a lot lately and I am sure your body appreciates the extra rest. When I don’t run I always find that I get bored. The most productive weeks I have are the ones right after a marathon. πŸ™‚

    • Tasha – so true! I think my schoolwork was thankful for my run-less week, hehe πŸ™‚

  5. Awesome! I think a rest week is the best thing an athlete can do – and sometimes the hardest – so congrats on sticking it out, focusing on some other stuff, and resetting your body. You’ll come back faster and stronger. Can’t wait to hear how your Disney Marathon goes!

    • Thanks, A! I am so excited for WDW Marathon and cannot wait to share all my adventures!!

  6. High five, friend. Love where your head is atβ€”a good place, it seems. (And happy to inadvertently follow in your footsteps. Keep leading the run-less way for me!)

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