Hope for Sandy Hook.

Since late this morning, it’s been unavoidable – images, video and audio clips of the tragedy out of Newtown, Connecticut.

In respect to the families, teachers, officials and community members involved, I am not going to feature any of those images, video or audio clips on my blog – I want to keep this a place of calm.

Instead, I want to share this:


These are paper cranes – you can learn more about them here – but in general, this is what a paper crane is: a symbol of strength. Hope. Resilience.

Exactly what people need right now…something to reassure them that there is still good in the world, no matter how bleak it seems.

So, I am doing this now: folding as many cranes as I can. I tried to keep positive after reading the news – distract myself, but people’s hurtful words and misdirected hatred toward each other just started to really get to me. When I reach 1,000, I want to make sure they get to this school, they need a reminder that people do care, everywhere – people care and they might not know what to do to help, but maybe this can help.




  1. Krissy, you are beyond awesome! Right now, we need to focus on the victims and their families, not rant about gun policy. I am going to go running after work because that’s what calms me down.

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