Confessions of a Chocoholic, Pt II of II.

Hot on the heels of receiving delicious chocolate covered strawberries, I was greeted by a wonderful box the very next day from Lazar’s Chocolates – a giveaway I had won from the heiress to the chocolate-y empire herself, Stacy!


I was beyond excited when I first found out about this giveaway because as much as I love chocolate, I REALLY love learning about amazing family businesses that have stood the test of time. Lazar’s is “a fourth generation chocolate family” and just from their website, you can feel the pride that they take in their product.


When I had initially won the giveaway, Stacy asked me if I had preferences on the chocolates they would send to me…I think I thought I had died and went to heaven! In general, my only real preference is dark chocolate, but after a quick visit to the website, I was quickly assured that anything in their catalog would be delightful!

Box of YUM.
Box of YUM.

All the air literally sucked out of my lungs when I opened the box…there before me was this amazing array of chocolates! Oh my yum. I told hubby that I would share, but that I also wanted the box to last a while (in fact, it did! I just finished the last chocolate yesterday – believe me, that took lots of willpower). As you can see, we had an awesome variety – from big chocolate dipped marshmallows, to nut/toffee clusters, there was not a bad piece in the bunch!

words cannot describe…

This little beauty ^^ was definitely a favorite! It’s their version of a Caramello, and to be quite honest, I have never had anything quite like it. I instagrammed it the day I sunk my teeth into it and judging from the ❀ I got from it, there are many others that would also like this experience!

(order yours!)

Not far behind in tastiness was the s’more-type creation ^^ you see above. It had really graham cracker, and fluffy, puffy marshmallow…soo good!

So, if you’re looking for a special, personalized gift (you can even do a ‘create your own box’ on the website) for a friend, colleague or family member that LOVES chocolate, I would definitely recommend Lazar’s Chocolate. For more details, check them out on Facebook or their twitter account, too! πŸ™‚

Disclaimer – Since this giveaway was just that – a giveaway – I was under no obligation to blog about Lazar’s, but I just wanted to share the love – and chocolate – with my readers! If you have a food blog yourself and are interested in reviewing/hosting your own giveaway, contact Stacy – she’d love to get in contact with you πŸ˜€


  1. I LOVE their chocolate too!! The firm where I work gets a tray delivered every year from our accountant and it’s my absolute favorite!

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