#RunChat awesomeness.

Chances are, most Sundays 8-9 PM you can count me to be in one place:

With @iJasonYu and @RunningBecause at the @BRM26pt2


Okay, unfortunately I don’t get to actually SEE my #RunChat buddies all the time, but my ever-other Sunday habit has earned a verb in my hubby’s vocabulary (“Are you runchatting again?!”) and I LOVE IT! I have “met” so many incredible friends through this face-paced twitter chat as well as learned a lot of great lessons – it’s just FUN.

So, imagine my excitement when I saw this today:



Yes! Amongst all of the super bloggers and tweeters of the internet, I was nominated as one of the best #RunChat participants! What an honor…I had to scroll through a few times for it to really sink in.

The coolest thing about the voting is that you are allowed TWO votes per person – and all you need is a valid twitter handle to vote! No extra steps involved 🙂 I had to go through and research my options for the most informed decisions and I locked in my two votes.

Voting will end at 9 p.m. ET Dec. 26 and again, the link is here so scoot on over and vote for your favorites today 😀

Have you ever #rRunChatted? Join the next one this coming Sunday at 8 PM ET – for more info, check here.



  1. I’ve already voted twice and twice under my husband’s twitter handle, he also has a business that has a handle so guess what? yep! sooooooooooo want you to win!

  2. Super huge congratulations!!! I have never runchatted before, but maybe it is something I should start in the new year. I hope that you win- that would be awesome! If you win are there prizes???/

    • Thank you, Tasha! Winners receive pro compression socks 🙂

      And def join #runchat sometime, it is so fun 🙂

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