The Mystery of the 2013 Tower of Terror 10-Miler…

In 2012, runDisney brought back a fan favorite race: a nighttime event that featured an after-hours villians-themed party at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, called the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror 10-Miler Weekend.


Although it was titled as an inaugural event, (and it technically was, for the new distance of 10-miles) it was actually a re-branding of the former 13K event that was originally held in 2007, (for the 13th anniversary of the attraction that shares the title) 2008 and 2009 (more here).

Since I personally did not begin my own running journey until 2010, I unfortunately missed out on any of the Tower of Terror action – and when I had my opportunity this past year, I opted to run the Wine and Dine Half Marathon instead. Turns out, it was a pretty good decision, as many blogged of the high temperatures and humidity of the event this year (Running at Disney, Jamie Miles, Mama of All Trades)!

Still, I am a runDisney fan true and true and as a former resident of Central Florida, I realize that the fall weather can be very unpredictable – so after I found the date (September 27-28) for the 2013 event in my Wine and Dine race program, I tentatively penciled it in and got the ‘okay’ from hubby to plan for it.


All was well…well, until runDisney released the WDW Marathon race program:


…hmm, notice anything different? I sure do! October! And just that, October. No dates! Very curious…I thought, hey maybe it’s a typo….until a week later when the Tinkerbell Half Marathon program was released:


More October! Very interesting…and this this week, BIG NEWS broke about a brand new race offering on the West Coast…a 10K added to the 2013 Disneyland Half Marathon weekend line up:

So with this new race, it seemed to make sense, perhaps the spacing was to allow runDisney planners some more time to get things into place and maybe even allow more runDisney fans to participate in more events than they might been planning to do.

Now, I have to admit, the news of the 10K addition to Disneyland PLUS a brand new ‘Dumbo Dare’ challenge is definitely enticing me to head back out to California in late August, though I had originally only planned on Tinkerbell in 2013. Still, I am anxious to see what happens with the Tower of Terror 2013 date…I suppose we’ll find out soon, as Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend is just 20 days away and I am sure I am not the only one with unanswered questions!

Are you running a runDisney event next year? How did you choose the right one for you?


  1. ToT looked fun, but I think if it’s in Oct it’d be too close to Wine and Dine for me. Next year I’m definitely running (so far) Goofy and Dumbo and getting my first coast to coast!

  2. Oh man!! I was all signed up to do Tower of Terror last year but had to defer due to a medical issue but was planning on it this year. Please, please, please be late October because if it is at the beginning there is no way I can do it. Oh well, if it doesn’t work out, maybe I can finally do the Wine & Dine this year! 🙂

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