The Countdown is ON!

Hey everyone!

Here in Outunning the Monorail world, it’s just SEVENTEEN days until the super epic journey of my 2013 Coast to Coast adventure begins!


To commemorate this exciting countdown, I’ll be posting my bucket list of things I hope to accomplish on my East Coast end of the adventure, as I’ll be staying in Walt Disney World for six glorious days – and to make it more fun, I’ll post one item a day, to build excitement!

I have to admit, 5 out of the 17 items on my list are related to food, but hey, I’ll be running at least 42.4 miles over the course of the week (Walt Disney World Marathon plus Tinkerbell Half Marathon plus the Neverland 5K Family Fun Run) so why not live it up a bit, right? 😉

So without further ado, I present to you…Bucket List Item #17:

Attend Meet Ups!


On Facebook, I am involved in several super fun Disney / runDisney related groups. Although many of the meet-ups related to the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend take place before I arrive (I am getting in on Saturday, Marathon Eve) I hope to attend as many as I possibly can.

Due to my late arrival, I will also miss out on any official runDisney meet-ups (see my post on the Wine and Dine event here) but am crossing my fingers for a Tink opportunity – and either way, I will surely get to meet with some pals that DO get the chance!

Have you ever attended a fan meet-up or gathering? What are some of YOUR Walt Disney World bucket list experiences?


  1. […] One one week and one day, I will be headed on a plane to my bi-coastal runDisney adventure: hitting Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida for the WDW Marathon, then off to Disneyland in Anaheim, California for the Tinkerbell Half Marathon! I am just a bit excited, if you couldn’t tell already – so excited, in fact, that I am sharing my countdown in a unique way on my Outrunning the Monorail blog >> check it out HERE! […]

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