#runDisney Racecation Time = imminent.

Good morning, everyone! 🙂


In two weeks and one day, I will be headed on a plane to my bi-coastal runDisney adventure: hitting Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida for the WDW Marathon, then off to Disneyland in Anaheim, California for the Tinkerbell Half Marathon! I am just a bit excited, if you couldn’t tell already – so excited, in fact, that I am sharing my countdown in a unique way on my Outrunning the Monorail blog >> check it out HERE!

Along with those special “bucket list” items I am sharing each day until departure, I have been compiling my trip details and schedule in a Google Drive document – color coded and full of important information like confirmation numbers, flights and entertainment schedules. Whew! I am not a person that likes to plan out every last moment of a vacation, but I do find satisfaction in having a “big picture” look at the components that make the trip as stress-free as possible!

Colorful and fun!

As far as other preparations, I am still working on the various costumes I have planned for the three races I will be participating in – if you’re running Tink Half and are still looking for something fun to wear, we still have space on Team Sugar Rush! I’ve also created a Facebook Page that features some costume ideas for that, so check that out if you are interested!

Beyond runDisney excitement, I am also (attempting) to mentally get set for a brand new year! 2013 marks my 29th year on this planet and I plan to do it up in style! April (when my birthday falls) will be an incredible month of racing with three planned events: the Cherry Blossom Ten-Miler, (which is my actual birthday!) the Blue Ridge Marathon and Nike Women’s Half Marathon!

Additionally, beyond Disney and running (wait, there are other things in life besides those two things!??!) it will be definitely be a year of change – it’s very likely hubs and I will be moving (to where, we are not yet sure) and if I continue on the same schedule with grad school (2 classes/semester, 1/summer) I should earn my Master’s in Information and Library Science before Christmas 2013! Wow! Time certainly does fly…I still remember announcing my acceptance – feels like yesterday!

As we head into the last weekend of 2012, I hope to do some dreaming and scheming and sharing some of my semi-resolutions for the upcoming months – and I am curious to hear what the new year holds for YOU!

Any big plans for 2013?


Check out my post on the ALL NEW Team #runDisney page >> HERE.


    • Thanks, Tasha! I am so super duper excited for the adventures ahead….I will definitely share all I can about Tink, as well! Let me know if there is anything specifically you’d like me to look out for/find out 😀

  1. My Birthday is April 4th, three days apart! and my husband and I are obsessed with Library Science… so cool! You have a busy schedule.. knock em dead at Disney! Happy New Year

    • Yay April birthdays! And wheeee for Library Science! I am excited to move into a career eventually that marries my passions and skills 😀 Thanks for the well wishes and hey, I hope 2013 brings us another reunion – sometime…somewhere ❤

  2. We’re both running the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler! Maybe we can run it together? You need to have a birthday costume! So you go to FSU but live in Charlottesville? Excited for your Disney adventures! 🙂

    • YEAHHHH! I am so stoked to finally meet you! Yes, let’s run it together for real (not near each other, lol!)

      Maybe I should dress like a cherry blossom? HAH!

      And yes, FSU’s program is totally online. I may never even see Tallahassee!

  3. I’ve been on and off twitter lately so I didn’t know you are running the Nike half, too!! So excited for the opportunity to see you not once but twice!! You are gonna rock your races next week. Fingers crossed you and Brad move up here 🙂

  4. I’m intrigued by Team Sugar Rush, especially since I have no clue what I’m wearing for Tinker Bell!! Ack!! I’ll check out the FB page. That is going to be one heck of a week – but how cool to get your coast to coast in the span of a week!! Yay for April birthdays!! (Mine is at the end of the month.) I didn’t get into the Nike DC Half so I’ll be living vicariously through you.

  5. You’re going to need to email me this week and tell me how I should make the most of out my time with a 2-day pass. Remember, I have a 4-year-old. 😉

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