T-15 days

Bucket List Item #15…

Visit Storybook Circus.


Home to the iconic Disney attraction: Dumbo the Flying Elephant and much, much more, the “new” Storybook Circus is – from what I have seen in photographs – a grand re-imagineered vision of what used to be Mickey’s Toontown Fair.

Along with Goofy’s Barnstormer and the colorful circus tents, this new extension of the new Fantasyland adds a new dimension of story (or so I have heard) and I’m really excited to just wander this new area…and maybe meet some Disney characters along the way!

Have you visited Storybook Circus? What’s your favorite part?

* What’s this countdown all about? Check this post for more details!


  1. I was there earlier this year when they just started opening it back up – they really did a good job with the area. I loved the train station. I can’t wait to go back to see all the other new changes!!

  2. My favorite part is Pete’s Silly Sideshow!! I was lucky enough to go just after it opened. My friend and I were the last people in the tent and got to play around with the characters a bit. We took a lot of fun pictures. I even got a pic of a Donald & Daisy smooch. In some ways, Storybook Circus is my favorite part of the Fantasyland Expansion.

    • Thanks for your comment, jaclyn! I am so excited, I know a lot of people focused on the princess part of the Fantasyland expansion and while I did find it very impressive (and will definitely be visiting time and time again) I am very excited to see this part very soon! And that pic of Donald and Daisy must be ADORABLE!!!! 😀

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