T-13 days

Bucket List Item #13…

Visit Wreck-it Ralph and Vannellope Von Schweetz at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

On November 2, 2012, you better believe that I was the first one in line to see Wreck it Ralph at our local theater! I had heard lots of great buzz around this latest animated release and I have to say, I was definitely impressed with the story, animation and soundtrack.

As soon as we walked out of the theater, I had two thoughts:

  • “When will be my first opportunity to dress like Vannellope?” (answer: here)
  • “How soon can I give Ralph a BIG hug?”

So, imagine my pure excitement when my friend Theresa sent me pictures she found all over the internet about the new meet and greets in the Disney Parks! At Walt Disney World, these unlikely pals can be found at Disney’s Hollywood Studios (at the Magic of Disney Animation) and that is exactly where I intend to march right over to on Tuesday, January 15th, my tentatively designated DHS day 🙂

Who is your favorite Disney character?

* What’s this countdown all about? Check this post for more details!

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