T-11 days

Bucket List Item #11…

Embark upon Epcot’s Undiscovered Future World Guided Tour


Okay, first of all, how awesome is this: I Googled “Undiscovered Future World Tour” and one of the first pictures that came up was this one of my dear friend James! AHHH! This made me smile so much!!! Okay, back to our scheduled programming…

Epcot’s Undiscovered Future World Tour is near and dear to my heart, as when I worked as a Cast Member, it was one of the tours that I had the pleasure to guide! It was always a thrill to walk guests around the park to special “behind the scenes” areas and share stories with each other – and to  be quite honest, I learned something new every single time I led it – from my first training tour, to the very last one I did more than two years ago.

On this visit, I am excited to experience this tour purely from a guest’s perspective – and see my favorite Walt Disney World theme park in an intimate and personalized way!

What Walt Disney World tours have you experienced? Do you have a favorite?

* What’s this countdown all about? Check this post for more detail

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