T-6 days

Bucket List Item #6…

Experience “rotational dining” at the Garden Grill.


Ahhh…so, here’s another item on my bucket list that I honestly have NO IDEA how I have not completed already.

The Garden Grill is a family style, all-you-care-to-eat Character Dining Experience (Chip & Dale, Mickey) located in the Land Pavilion at Epcot. Over the course of about an hour, the floor beneath diners turns slowly 360 degrees, moving guests through various scenes from The Living with The Land attraction below. The fare is just as unique as the view, as many of the veggies featured in the ‘Harvest Feast’ meal are from the very same greenhouses!

My friend Rachel and I are booked here the last dinner I will have before jetting off to the West Coast early the next morning and I am excited to finish the trip off with such a fun experience. It will even be extra special for her, as she is also a former CM…and one with a very personal relationship with the two of those characters you see above!

Have you ever eaten at a rotating restaurant? Where was it?

* What’s this countdown all about? Check this post for more details!


  1. Our family loved that restaurant! We had a better appreciation for the vegetables since we had just seen where they had come from! Thanks for reminding me we’re due to visit here on our next trip!

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