Taper Tuesdays…

So, I have been so update-y on the other blog that I just realized that I had not posted here since last week! Wowzas!

Vintage! (source)
Vintage! (source)

I am still in excited disbelief that in FOUR DAYS I will be spending a week traveling and playing in BOTH Disney resorts – Walt Disney World from 1/12-17 and Disneyland from 1/17-20! To countdown, I’ve been featuring a ‘best hits’ list of experiences on Outrunning the Monorail (my runDisney/WDW moms-centric blog)

On top of this, spring semester for FSU just started back up yesterday, I am tapering for a marathon and pretty busy at work after a few weeks of quietness in the office.

I WILL be taking my laptop with me (as I will still have to attend my classes even though I am on vacation, it’s not vacation from school) so I am planning on a few brief updates – drop me a message if there is anything you’d like to see featured on the blog!

What would you like to see me post about/blog about from Disney?


    • Thanks Pam!! And Club 33….if it doesn’t happen this time, there’s always Dumbo weekend!!!

  1. I am still trying to figure out my outfit – so let me know what the weather’s like! I know it’s just a little early for the Princess Half, but it’s a start! 😉

    • I definitely will have some weather updates! 😀 I think the race outfit tweaks will be a night-before decision for this weekend…

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