T-3 days

Bucket List Item #3…

Visit the display of Laila perfume at the Norway Pavilion.


If you’ve experienced the Maelstrom attraction at Epcot’s Norway Pavilion before, chances are, you’ve already had a whiff of this clean, delicate fragrance…it is just… indescribably lovely!

Sure, you could order it from Nordstrom or even Amazon, but this smell just says ‘Epcot’ to me – and I love it. I was really close to purchasing it on a recent trip – my friend April and I even met Geir Ness, the fragrance designer, but alas, I realized I couldn’t take it in my carry on bag!

Since I am still undecided about carry on vs. checked baggage for this trip, it is unclear if a bottle will go home with me this time either (I really should just order it) but there’s just something about spritzing this lovely scent on your skin after going “o’er the falls!” – ahhhhhh.

What are your favorite Walt Disney World smells?

* What’s this countdown all about? Check this post for more details!


  1. I love the smell of Norway! The other favorite Disney smells that come immediately to mind for me are the smell of the Polynesian lobby and that lovely water smell at Pirates of the Caribbean. I love it when scents trigger memories.

    • OMG yes, the Polynesian Lobby! It smells EXACTLY like the Honolulu Intl Airport!!! 😀

  2. I’m usually not a perfume girl, but I love the Norway pavilion so much, I always want to buy this. My next visit is in early March and I think I might make the purchase plunge this time!

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