T-2 days

Bucket List Item #2…

Ride the newly-Imagineered Test Track attraction.


After a lengthy refurbishment period (nearly eight months) this Future World East mainstay re- opened to great fanfare in early December, complete with media events and a concert with recording artists One Republic.

Now, I was a pretty big fan of the original version of this attraction – it was thrilling, well-designed and most of all, fun – especially when you took someone with you that had never been on before! The problem was, the attraction was so technologically advanced – and comprised of so many individuality moving parts that it often fell victim to technical error and the  accompanying downtime.

Now, much like my attitude toward Be Our Guest, I have done my best to abstain from commentary regarding this “new” attraction so I have no real idea of what to expect, other than be impressed by the sleek ‘Tron’ like look that’s been been floating around the world of social media…so in just a few days, I am STOKED beyond belief to see for myself what it’s all about!

Have you been on the “NEW” Test Track? What do you think?

* What’s this countdown all about? Check this post for more details!

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