Welcome to our HAPPY-TO-BE TIME!


This song is pumping through my mind right now!

So come on, welcome to our family time
Welcome to our brotherly time
We’re happy giving and taking
To the friends we’re making
There’s nothing we won’t do
Welcome to our family time
Welcome to our happy to be time
This is a festival, you know, and best of all
We’re here to share it all
There is a bond between us
Nobody can explain
It’s a celebration of life
In seeing friends again

Going to Disney definitely feels like going HOME! I cannot describe how excited I am right now, but just like the song says, I am happy to SEE FRIENDS AGAIN and if you’re not going to be around WDW or DL this week, stay tuned here to the blog because believe me, I am HERE TO SHARE IT ALL…

Twitter: @krissymmurphy

Instagram: @krissycakes13

AHHH! Time to get ready….see you all REAL SOON!

Where will I be seeing you over the next 8 days?

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