That time I went to jail…

twitter jail, that is 😉

Last night, I logged on to my tweetdeck right around 7:55. I had just finished baking some heath cookie bars and was prepping for #runchat (you should definitely join in sometime if you’re a runner BTW, second and third Sunday nights 8-9 PM Eastern, here’s your reminder).

As per usual, it was a fabulous and fast-paced conversation! The format in this session was a little different, as questions were generated from users throughout the week. It was great ‘seeing’ lots of my friends online and meeting new ones too – and before long, it was over…and I was considering jumping on over to #ultrachat, which usually runs each Sunday night 9-10 PM, EST…except…well…I couldn’t.

Twitter had blocked me!


Now, to my defense, I *think* I must have broken the “smaller limits for semi-hourly intervals” but to be totally honest, 1K…well…it could have been possible, too. What can I say? I love twitter! And this counted for all twitter-related activity for the day so each daily mile post, instagram or RT…it was all counted.

Of course, I had to share my thoughts on the situation…but without my twitter voice…what could I do? Oh, post on Facebook! 😉

(from FB)
(from FB)

Haha…but it got even BETTER! My pals that had seen my dismay took it to twitter to air their grievances!




I was laughing so hard, I cried! Following the drama was certainly entertaining; then I found out I could favorite tweets, despite my limitations! Hehehe…good stuff.

Do you follow me on twitter? Leave your handle and I’ll follow back! 


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