Twitterpatted about getting into the next runDisney meetup?

… well, you’ve come to the right place!

In previous posts, I explained a little history about the meetups, shared some strategy and also recapped an experience…and thanks to popular demand, am back with another exciting chapter in the world of runDisney meetups: their twitter component.


Now, the official twitter is where many will find out about the post going live on the Disney Parks blog, but you asked…what are we looking for on twitter? When can we expect information to be posted? Is there a correlation between ‘teaser’ tweets and actual “go times” on the blog?


Well, glad you asked! Together with my pal Patty (and submitted for your approval…) we’re pleased to present, some twitter investigation…newest to oldest – please note these times are CENTRAL:

2013 Tinkerbell Half Marathon (#TinkHalfMeetUp)

runDisney @runDisney
Do you have your pixie dust? It’s time for the #TinkHalfMeetUp @Disneyland.
Jan 11 @ 1:31pm

runDisney @runDisney
We’re getting closer to #TinkHalfMeetUp time… Make sure and stay tuned to Disney Parks Blog.
Jan 11 @ 1:15pm

runDisney @runDisney
We haven’t forgotten about #TinkHalfMeetUp… have you? Look out later today on the Disney Parks Blog.
Jan 11 @ 11:42

runDisney @runDisney
Sprinkle your pixie dust and look out tomorrow on the Disney Parks Blog for #TinkHalfMeetUp opportunity @Disneyland.
Jan 10 @ 2:28pm

runDisney @runDisney
We have not forgotten about #TinkHalfMeetUp. Look out later this week for our next opportunity tied to #TinkHalf @Disneyland.
Jan 9 @ 7:54pm

2013 WDW Marathon (#WDWMarathonMeetUp)

runDisney @runDisney
The wait is over! The Disney Parks Blog Post for #WDWMarathonMeetUp is now live.
Jan 4 @ 10:33am

runDisney @runDisney
UPDATE: We’re getting close to the time for #WDWMarathonMeetUp post on the Disney Parks Blog.
Jan 4 @ 8:51am

runDisney @runDisney
Tomorrow’s the day. Keep an eye out on the Disney Parks Blog for details to be a part of #WDWMarathonMeetUp.
Jan 3 @ 5:52pm

runDisney @runDisney
The upcoming #WDWMarathonMeetUp is on track to be biggest and best yet. Make sure and stay tuned.
Jan 3 @ 8:34am

runDisney @runDisney
Who wants to attend the upcoming #WDWMarathon Meet-Up? Keep an eye out later this week! #WDWMarathonMeetUp
Jan 2 @ 1:34pm

2012 Wine and Dine Half (#WineDineHalfMeetUp)

We have reached capacity for #WineDineHalfMeetUp with @DietDivaTara. Names will be posted soon on the Disney Parks Blog.
Nov 1 @ 9:12am

runDisney @runDisney
Visit the Disney Parks Blog now for an opportunity to be a part of our #WineDineHalfMeetup.
Nov 1 @ 8:07am

runDisney @runDisney
Don’t miss your chance for the #WineDineHalfMeetUp. Stay tuned and follow the Disney Parks Blog later this morning.
Nov 1 @ 7:19am

runDisney @runDisney
Want to join us for #WineDineHalfMeetUp? Stay tuned for details, and watch the Disney Parks Blog tomorrow.
Oct 31 @ 3:25pm

runDisney @runDisney
Keep an eye out later this week for details on our #WineDineHalf meetup. Is that enough to whet your appetite?
Oct 30 @ 8:19pm

2012 Disneyland Half Marathon (#DLHalfMeetUp)

runDisney @runDisney
Thanks to everyone who submitted RSVPs to the #DLHalfMeetUp. Names are now posted at .
August 17 @ 3:17pm

runDisney @runDisney
It’s ‘Go time’ for #DLHalfMeetUp. Race over to the Disney Parks Blog – – for details.August 17 @ 12:01pm

runDisney @runDisney
UPDATE: Check Disney Parks Blog at 11am PT today for #DLHalfMeetup. Space is limited; don’t be left in the dust. August 17 @ 9:24am

runDisney @runDisney
Do you want to get your engine running for #DisneylandHalf? Keep an eye out on Disney Parks Blog Friday for #DLHalfMeetUp info.
Aug 16 @ 8:40pm

Now, there may not be any scientific backing to our extensive analysis – but it doesn’t hurt to have a little extra help, right? Thanks, Patty for your excellent work!!


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