Princess Half Marathon: The Ultimate Recap


I can hardly believe it, but we’ve reached the end of the line here on Princess Week! Over the past six days, we’ve attended the runDisney meetup, popped over to the ‘Fit for a Princess’ Expo, checked out the Royal Family 5K, experienced luxury in the Race Retreat and finally, ran 13.1 miles! I want to give a special THANK YOU to all five of my Practically Perfect Princesses that contributed their incredible content – it really made ME feel like I was along for the ride!

Morgan and a fellow Princess celebrating 13.1 miles!
Morgan and a fellow Princess celebrating 13.1 miles!

I asked each Princess to provide some feedback on the overall experience of the weekend…here’s what they said:

Your favorite moment from the weekend 

Running down Main Street toward the castle! This was the moment I often visualized when having a difficult training run, and finally doing it in person was even better than I imagined. – Rachel

When my little punk met Jeff Galloway and proceeded to tell him he will see him in October when he comes back to run the ToT since he will be 12 and it will be the first race over 5K he can run.  My Galloway was very gracious and told him he cant wait to see him there. – Janet

My favorite moment of the weekend was the entire race! It was hot and I was worried whether or not this Canadian girl was going to melt. I took my time, and allowed myself to soak it all in including dozens of photo ops and meeting new people along the way! – Lisa

I really wish that I could just pick one moment from the weekend that was my favorite!!  If you’re really going to force me, I’d pick running across the finish line with one of my best friends in the entire universe, Princess Katinka.  Not only was it Katinka’s first runDisney race, and her first half marathon,  it was her FIRST. RACE. EVER.  Grabbing her hand and getting across that beautiful purple finish line was pretty major.  I was so proud of her and so happy and honored to be part of her journey. – Lauren

A favorite photo from the weekend 

Rachel rocking Main Street USA!
Rachel rocking Main Street USA!

Just past Main Street, I saw a volunteer taking pictures for people. At first I was going to run by, but then I thought to myself, I didn’t come all the way to Florida to not take a picture here! I’m so glad I did. – Rachel

Janet’s son with Jeff Galloway! See Janet’s favorite moment above!
Lisa with the Villains!
Lisa with the Villains!

My favorite photo from the weekend speaks for itself! (Cruella herself said she was impressed I could get back up so quickly) – Lisa

Lauren and her Princess Posse!
Lauren and her Princess Posse!

My favorite photo of the weekend is Team Princess 1983 with those MEDALS.  We all worked so hard in completely different training environments and we came together and totally CRUSHED it.  We were all so happy and excited.  This pic truly shows it. – Lauren

Something that could have been better about the weekend and how you would suggest improving it: 

The crowds for the whole weekend. The expo was claustrophobically crowded in places, which made it hard to peruse and shop. As I understand, the expo is usually held at the Wide World of Sports, so hopefully they will not hold it at Coronado Springs Resort in the future, or use more of the convention space available. Also, the course felt very crowded in certain places where the roads were narrower. I think the number of participants should be lowered to prevent such heavy congestion. – Rachel

The transportation to and from the Expo was atrocious.  Too much waiting time.  But let’s face it – no one does lines better than Disney. For the record I love Disney.  I had my Disneymoon there, I am a DVC member.  I just think runDisney was not prepared for the growth – Janet

The only critique of the entire weekend was the Fit for a Princess Expo. I have been at a Disney Expo (Tinkerbell) before and I appreciate the hustle and bustle of excited runDisney enthusiasts. This expo was incredibly busy and was missing a bit of the Disney organizational magic. I understand that there was a change in venue this year, and it was most likely just growing pains, but I missed quite a few vendors that I would have really like to attend because it was over crowded. – Lisa

I don’t mean to be overly positive patty, but the only thing that would have changed about the weekend was making it longer.  I dipped in on Saturday morning and peaced out Monday morning (early!).  Everything, as usual was so well run by runDisney that the race weekend was effortless and so fun. – Lauren

Your advice to someone that is interesting in participating in a future
Princess Half Marathon Weekend (or any other runDisney event).

For those of you who are just starting to run; sign up! Don’t dream about it or tell yourself you’ll do it someday, sign up and commit to training. I’m definitely one of those people who never thought they’d do a half marathon, and now I’ve done two and crossed the finish line smiling both times. For those of you who already have some experience; sign up too! I have enjoyed every runDisney experience I’ve had. And finally, for everyone, have fun! Take pictures, take advantage of the photo stops, and dress up! What other race do you get to take your picture in front of a castle? So sign up, have fun, and I’ll see you there! – Rachel

Do it, but be of the mindset to enjoy the event, just like Disney itself it is overwhelming at first but totally worth it.  It is crowded and there are LOADS of people, just relax and don’t take it all too seriously, like I did in the beginning and then realized too late. – Janet 

My advice is DO IT, you will not regret it! Running has become an important part of my life because of runDisney and I am so thankful I have had the opportunity to participate in these events with so many amazing and diverse individuals. I have been moved to tears during both the Tinker Bell & Princess ½ Marathons because of the inspirational people participating- everyone has a story! – Lisa

The best advice I can give for 2014 princesses and any other runDisney participants is to HAVE FUN!  When we ran through the castle there was a LOT of princesses complaining about how people were stopping to take pictures in or around the castle.  There was also a lot of online complaining about how crowded the course was, etc.  If you want to PR or you don’t want to take pictures, please try to get into Corral A or B.  Otherwise, let go and have so so so much fun.  When you run Disney you should do it to feel like a magical athlete and you owe it to yourself and your other runDisney teammates to have a good attitude. – Lauren

Finally, I think Morgan really summed it up with this statement:

“The Princess Half was a truly awesome weekend for me and I can’t say enough about what participating can do for your health and self-esteem. I found out though that the fun I had with the women I traveled and ran with were so much more valuable than anything I could have imagined that I wouldn’t wait a heartbeat to recommend this race to first-timers. Though the race itself got a little congested with so many runners, it all evened out in the end.”

I don’t think I could have said it any better myself, ladies! Thanks for joining along this Princess Week – I certainly had fun vicariously living through each of these princesses recaps of the weekend – and while I would definitely love to participate in every runDisney event there is, unfortunately time and budget don’t always allow, so I am glad to have these opportunities to follow along and share!

Did you enjoy this week’s coverage of events? Is there anything you’d like to see more of? Are you interested in submitting some of your content? I’d love to continue these recaps in the future so please leave your comments on how we can make these the BEST features ever!


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