Cupcake Review: two sweet – a cupcake boutique

This morning, hubs and I decided to go on a little adventure about an hour east of the exciting world of Costco!

(Really, though, we love Costco – and that’s the closest one to us)

After our aisle-wandering, sample-tasting and rebate check-cashing, we popped over to the Short Pump Town Center for some window shopping (lululemon, Nordstrom, Hollister) and just one purchase (2 for $24 tees at Urban Outfitters) we were all set to head home…til hubs mentioned he was craving a little treat…so I decided to  try out the other cupcake shop that I had mapped out the last time I was in the area, (VA is for runDisney lovers meetup) a place just up the street from the shopping center called two sweet: a cupcake boutique.

Since it was later in the day (around 5 PM) when we arrived, there were only a few varieties left…so we chose just one – the Vanilla Chocolate:  sweet vanilla cake topped with milk chocolate fudge icing and chocolate sprinkles. The shop was pretty small so we had it boxed up and waited to try it for our evening’s dessert at home.

Chinese take-out box.
Chinese take-out box.

I thought the packaging was pretty creative – easy to carry for a single serving! Of course, I did wonder if it’d topple over, but when we opened it up, it was wedged in securely with a thick napkin on the bottom – no damage done! 🙂

Pretty decorations!
Pretty decorations!

Unboxing the cupcake, I was surprised to see that it was kind of small. At $3 – this better be a superb little confectionary! 😉 Extraordinary Cupcakes, my favorite local-ish shop, are $3 and MASSIVE…but I stayed optimistic.

My half.
My half.

After slicing the cupcake in half, I was ready to test it out – I always eat mine with a fork, so I grabbed my utensil and dug in – to a shockingly hard cake!

Now, it wasn’t inedible-hard, but more like a poundcake texture with a harder outer ‘crust’ edge. The frosting, on the other hand, was very creamy and not too heavy. Another winner? Those sprinkles! They were a candy-coating, hollow, basically, that kind of crunched.

In all, the cupcake was alright – definitely good and worthy of finishing, but not quite worth the extra few minutes off the beaten path (Frostings is a lot more accessible right off of I-64, $.25 cheaper and IMO, tastier).

I was glad we tried it, of course, as I work to complete cupcake domination of the world 😉 MUHAHA!

Do you have a great cupcake place nearby you? What’s the best cupcake you’ve ever had?



  1. Yum! It looks so good! Yes, I think the $3 seems pricey for what sounds like a small cupcake, but that frosting looks amazing!

  2. We have a place in town called Muddy’s Bake Shop. They make a chocolate cake/chocolate frosting cupcake called Prozac. It will melt in your mouth and cure whatever ails you. SO yummy.

  3. Mmm, cupcakes!! The frosting looks delicious – and I am a frosting person!! I think my favorite cupcake places near me are Pinkabella & Trophy – although I’ve been told I really need to try Yellow Leaf!!

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