Tuesday – Tiffany Inspiration + other running thoughts

Inspiration Board for Nike Women’s Half in DC!

I haven’t blogged a ton about it – mostly because the information about this race has been trickling in so slowly, but I am starting to get really stoked about for April 28!

I am really excited to run in this event – and since it is a mere eight days after the Blue Ridge Marathon (I am once again running the half, despite what I originally posted, lol) I am going to approach it with a fun attitude and will be running with a friend πŸ™‚

In other running-related news, my right leg has been really bothersome since Sunday. I didn’t have any pain or anything from the race, but I think that driving around most of the day Saturday without foam rolling the night before, then hopping back on the road wasn’t the best for my poor leggies. To top it off, since my foot was asleep through the race on Sunday, I didn’t realize til later that I had gotten my FIRST blister from running. Boo!

So, I am taking a few days off to re-assess – it does make me a little nervous since San Francisco is coming up in just over two months, but I cannot risk injury. I also have decided (from analyzing some race pics from Sunday) that I don’t think the Hokas and I are a great match. I have ordered two new pairs of Brooks (the new Pure Flow 2 and a pair of Pure Connect 2 for tempos) and will run my other runs as soon as my legs feel better in my Ghost 5. Also, I will be starting back up my running journal (paper/pen) to supplement my dailymile tracking.

As I grow and mature as a runner, I continue to learn more and more about what works best for me and it’s refreshing to see that changes are not always about speed or PRs. Was I a bit disappointed I didn’t run a blazing fast time on my birthday? Yes, but did I let that ruin the rest of my training season? Definitely not. There are always more races and more opportunities to improve. 2012 was the year I bested all of my major PRs, from the 5K to the marathon…hard work gets it done and I am willing to keep giving and striving toward greatness, even if that means working through setbacks.

What lessons has running – or your sport – taught you?


  1. I love that Nike outfit!! I still need to figure out what I’m going to wear. Running has taught me a LOT, especially about how to listen to my body

  2. UMMMMMM I freakin’ LOVE your Race Outfit!! EEEEEEE!!!! So Adorable!
    And PS you are doing so great! Running is such a evolution/process, you learn so much with each race, with each round of training. It sounds like you are doing all the right things for your body xox

  3. I love the race inspired outfit! Sadly I couldn’t fit that race into my tri training, but I’m hoping to spectate the heck out of it! I echo these sentiments – how you feel when running is a great way to gauge what your body needs – it’s just important to listen closely.

  4. LOVE this Holly Golightly! I wore a tiara in my first marathon (NYC 2007) and it got me lots of cheers! As for what I’ve learned as a runner, it’s listen to your body, among other things. Glad you’re taking some time off. You don’t want a niggle to turn into an injury. And when in doubt, see the doc! Good luck! I hope you feel better in no time!

  5. Love that outfit, can’t wait to see it! Hope everything is ok. I’m glad you’re taking it easy and listening to your body.

  6. Great outfit! How doesn’t love “Breakfast At Tiffany’s” and a little bling like the tiara is just perfect. I am taking time to recover from tired legs…trying to avoid an injury is high on my list at the moment!

  7. I love your outfit!! It is just dawning on me how fast this race is coming up and I have no idea what I’m going to wear! Definitely listen to your body – hopefully all you need is a few days and you’ll be back right as rain!

  8. LOVE the outfit and your inspiration! SO adorable!! I agree with you, it’s best to listen to your body, especially when you have a major race coming up soon!

  9. I love your Tiffany inspired outfit! I have had to cut back on my running (due to life) and although it’s driving me crazy, I know it’s for the best. I’ve done the opposite and tried to fit everything in – and it’s a recipe for disaster! It’s important to know your body’s limits – and to rest it when needed. Just think of it as an early taper – I KNOW you’ll do GREAT! πŸ™‚

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