We go on.

I’m still gathering my thoughts from yesterday…but as I tried to fall asleep last night, this song came to mind, and I found it appropriate:

With the stillness of the night
There comes a time to understand
To reach out and touch tomorrow
Take the future in our hand.

We can see a new horizon
Built on all that we have done
And our dreams begin
Another thousand circles ’round the sun.

We go on
To the joy and through the tears
We go on
To discover new frontiers
Moving on
With the current of the years.

We go on
Moving forward, now as one
Moving on
With a spirit born to run
Ever on
With each rising sun.

To a new day
We go on.

We go on.

We ❤ you, Boston.


  1. Thank you Krissy. One of my absolute favorite songs, Disney or otherwise. As a Florida girl, I hope that I, and everyone around me, can shine a little sunshine on our fellow man.

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