A little storytime…

So many things are still swirling around my brain – from world events – to personal things and every other subject under the sun….so, I thought I’d keep it lighthearted and tell a little story – well, the details of a really bizarre, but cool dream that I had last night.

Without further ado…

In my dream, I found myself at the Tokyo Disney Resort with two of my good friends, Andy and Danielle.

Us at Cape May, WDW Marathon Weekend 2013.
Us at Cape May, WDW Marathon Weekend 2013 – pic from them 🙂

For some reason, we were there either reallllllly early in the morning or extremely late in the evening because it was super duper dark and empty and we were hanging around Westernland (their Frontierland) in Tokyo Disneyland….there, we were walking around with these weird flashlights, like were were playing some sort of interactive game when all of a sudden, we saw this really skinny guy, dressed like a cowboy jump out at us.

He was Japanese, but he spoke very clear English, and he told us that he was really hungry and he needed us to help him find a cheeseburger. D thought that was really funny and wanted to help, but when she looked at our map, we couldn’t find out where we could find one. A pointed out that the Pecos Bill Cafe was really different here than it was at Walt Disney World, so we might have to go to another land to find him one.

At that moment, I remembered that there were burgers and chicken sandwiches in Tomorrowland, but I warned that our new cowboy friend would not be able to “cross lands” to get one, so I could go there and buy him one. He seemed receptive of that idea, albeit skeptical of what sort of food they might have ‘in the future.’ LOL!

So, I told D and A that I’d be right back and that I’d meet them (and the cowboy, who was still nameless) at the Plaza Pavilion Restaurant (random, cos it’s basically like the Crystal Palace, but due to the park layout, it’s themed differently) to eat since it’s a ‘buffeteria’ and we could all find something to eat, since D I knew for sure eats veggie and I didn’t know if A was or not.

I made it to the other side of the park and sure enough, found a cheeseburger at Tomorrowland Terrace (with a Mickey shaped bun, no less) and for some reason, it was served in a space shuttle-themed lunchbox. Cool.

I brought it back, met up with them and the cowboy was really happy and left. He gave us some golden coins and then all of a sudden, I heard some sort of video-game like effects (like Super Mario?) and so our meal at the Plaza Pavilion was free.

The rest of the evening, we were able to go on ALL of the attractions and there was seriously hardly anyone there. I never figured out exactly why, but it was really fun! A was able to take a bunch of really great photos since it was so empty and we even did the silly souvenir photo opp at the Pirates of the Caribbean (you could dress up like Pirates with the backdrop and everything!) and it was really super mega fun.

By this point, I did realize that it was nighttime because we had completed ALL of the attractions and we were on the log flumes headed out on that first outside loop on Splash Mountain when we saw the sun coming up! It was like that episode of Boy Meets World when they slept on the ride, haha!

Haha, so yes, that story had no other point but strange entertainment factor, but it was nice to ‘see’ my friends in one of my most favorite places, even if it was just a dream 😉

Where would YOU transport to this week…and who would you take with you?

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