My thoughts on the Fitbit Flex (Part I)

(photo courtesy of Morgan)
(photo courtesy of Morgan)

Whether it’s a work day or a weekend, there are always a few signature items that I will likely be sporting: sparkly nail polish, my Alex & Ani SF bracelet, Road ID and a variety of other ‘arm candy.’

Well, just a few weeks ago, I amped up the ante with a new, high-tech piece of wrist wizardry when I purchased the Fitbit Flex. I had been contemplating purchasing a device like this for quite some time – and this fascination was further cemented upon reading a post from my pal Kat’s blog onΒ her experience with the Fitbit and Jawbone Up. From her post, I did some more research, learning the pros and cons of a variety of devices on the market, from the variety of Fitbits (here’s a great comparison chart), to the aforementioned Jawbone Up, and even the Nike Fuelband.

After several hours of reading, I came to the conclusion that the Flex was for me, for these particular reasons:

  • As much as I loved the Fitbit One’sΒ small size and digital screen, scouring of the Fitbit Facebook page proved to me that I, queen of the klutzes, would likely put the poor device through the washer. Also, as per Kat’s review, I realized that I would probably not get the most accurate amount of steps if the device wasn’t “on my person” at all times.
  • I live and breathe with my iPhone!! I needed a device that could “talk to it” whenever and wherever, without extra “stuff.” When I discovered that the Jawbone Up required hooking it up manually with the headphone jack to upload data, I was pretty turned off.
  • I had seen a lot of neat commercials about the Nike FuelbandΒ – but it did not measure sleep – a cool feature found in both the Fitbit and Jawbone Up.

So, that was that: I was going to get a Fitbit Flex! I checked the website and it looked like they weren’t quite shipping yet (this was the last week of April) so, as hard as it was, I knew I would have to be patient before getting my new fitness toy…to make matters even more challenging, on April 24, Administrative Professionals Day, my firm was kind enough to deposit $150 into my account, so I told myself I’d use it to by my Flex…as soon as I could find one!

About a week later, still without a release date in sight, I was perusing the Facebook page and saw something interesting…a few posters had commented that their local Best Buy stores were stocking them! Now, this caused a little drama with other members of the page, as many had made pre-orders through Fitbit or Amazon, but I was intrigued! I checked our local Best Buy’s site, and though it indicated that they were not yet in stock, I decided to chance it and visited right after work on May 2: and lo and behold….there it was:


Well…there they both were, really: black or slate. I took to instagram to decide which one to purchase (ended up going with black) and well, the rest, I can say, is really history.

Soon, I’ll share my thoughts on the last two weeks I’ve experienced my Fitbit Flex – and would love to answer any questions you might have about it, so please, leave your comments here and it’d be my pleasure to answer them in a future post! I have really enjoyed the device so far, and am proud to have shared that enthusiasm to convince a few people to check them out already – both internet and IRL friends/coworkers!

So stay tuned!! I am stoked to post all about how Fitbit has already changed how I look at each day πŸ™‚

Disclaimer: I purchased the Fitbit FlexΒ on my own and am not being compensated or sponsored in any way whatsoever in using this device, so all opinions are 100 percent my own πŸ™‚


  1. I can’t wait to hear what you have to say about it πŸ™‚ I’ve been shopping around for one of these type doodads, and have been on the fence between a few too. Yay!

  2. I’m interested to hear as well! I have a BodyBugg media band, and don’t really want to swap due to $$$ but mine doesn’t talk to my phone. I need that. Can’t wait to hear the details!

  3. I’ve been considering a Fitbit for a while and the Flex looked very interesting. I’ll be especially interested in hearing how the sleep tracking works for you. I’ve read mixed reviews about this feature elsewhere.

  4. With your Klout score, companies should be throwing product at you and compensating you for your reviews. FitBit if you’re reading you are damn lucky this girl wrote about your product.

  5. I’m looking forward to your review! In Dec. of last year I purchased the Jawbone UP for myself and immediately fell in love so much so that I surprised my boyfriend with an UP band a week later. We both really, really loved the UP band for all of it’s featured, plus it totally went with our competitive spirits. We were always trying to outdo each other with steps or even meeting our sleep goals!

    Unfortunately in I think late Feb my boyfriend’s UP band stopped holding a charge and then two days later mine stopped holding a charge. A quick search of their online community forum showed that a lot of other people were experiencing the same issue at the same time. Jawbone sent all of us replacement bands which I thought was great customer service. We received our replacements pretty quickly and all was good again. But now just a couple weeks ago my boyfriend’s band suddenly stopped holding a charge again. Another scan of the online community forum shows there are still other people experiencing this issue as well.

    In my opinion the UP band is an awesome device – when it works – which is a pretty heavy caveat for a $130 device. I hope Jawbone can get their issues worked out because I’d love to be able to recommend the UP to everyone.

    My boyfriend isn’t going to ask for another replacement since he’s kind of burned out on the UP’s failures at this time, so I am really looking forward to your review of the flex!

  6. I thought I had one of these coming to me, when I ordered on Amazon it said they were in stock and ready to ship. Two weeks later, when it didn’t show up, I checked my order status and it had been changed to out of stock. I got so annoyed I cancelled my order. I guess I’ll have to wait for your next post to see how much you love it before I decide if I want it enough to reorder!

    • April – I am sorry you’ve had to deal with that drama! The FB page has a lot of similar sentiment…I don’t think the roll-out was quite as organized as they wanted it to go. Stay tuned!! πŸ™‚

  7. I am trying to decide between the jawbone or fitbit flex. My hubby has the fuel band, but he never uses it. I want one to purchase as a post marathon recovery gift. The thing I am most interested in is the sleep tracking.

  8. I started using a Fitbit Zip a few months ago. I had been using the pedometer feature on my Nano but sometimes it would reset itself if I had it in my back pocket. I usually carry stuff in my pockets anyway so I’m always taking it off when I come home. I would love to try the Flex but worry about it getting “infested” with hospital bugs since I work at a hospital. Plus it would probably be an infection control thing where I work. Can’t wait to see you’re experience with it though!

  9. I have the old FitBit (its like 2 years old now) and I love that I can hide it anywhere on my person (I put it on my bra, its the least likely to go through the washer that way since its obvious on there, lol). I hope you enjoy your new toy!

  10. I’ll be very interested to hear what you think! I’ve got the Fitbit One and yes, I already almost loost it. But I do love it! Did not know about the whole hookup thing with the jawbone Definitely a turnoff.

  11. I agree with Lisa! – Helloooo FITBIT!! I agree with you about the UP and uploading. I wish it was wireless and I could see my steps. Since I didn’t buy it I don’t complain much πŸ˜‰

  12. Ekk! I can’t wait to see how you like it. I’ve been dying to buy something like it but I’m just a tad nervous to make the move!

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