Change of Plans for San Francisco

In January, I announced my intention to qualify for the Boston Marathon at the San Francisco Marathon.


Today – I am re-evaluating that goal…not because I think it is impossible, but because I want to be realistic. You see, I have not had as strong of a training cycle as I would have liked and here I am, a month away, and I have yet to hit a 20-mile run.

I don’t doubt that a BQ is in the cards for me – but I also want to remove the pressure I had put on myself, and this is something that has been bouncing around my head since last month’s running of the Boston Marathon – and since the announcement that all of the 2013 Boston Marathoners that didn’t get to finish this year have special invitations for next year (which was an incredibly noble gesture by the Boston Athletic Association, by the way) I’ve gotten a bit more nervous.

So, here’s the new plan:

  • Still run the full San Francisco Marathon – SF will be my seventh full marathon; I would NOT recommend going into a full without a 20-mile run, usually, but I do have two weekends to possibly get it in, and I KNOW that I can be smart race day and not over-extend. I did briefly consider dropping to the half distance, but this is something that I want, and I am happy with this decision.
  • Run SF smart – I am not going to chide myself into thinking SF will be simply a “fun” race (ala Walt Disney World) but I am excited to run a strong and scenic race on June 16.
  • Take some time off – I am going to keep my mileage up (my comfortable level is in the mid-20s, so that’s where I plan to stay) but work on SERIOUSLY incorporating cross-training before launching into my final marathon training schedule of the year for Space Coast Marathon.
  • Target Space Coast for BQSpace Coast is flat and fast – which has proven to be challenging for me (I tend to be stronger on hillier courses) but…certain yet-to-be decided or disclosed future relocation plans might aid in the training conditions needed for optimal performance 😉
  •  Run Boston 2 Big Sur in 2015 – This is a big one! I tweeted about it a few weeks ago, and I am pretty sure I’ve got a posse to join me on this adventure. And 2015 is two years away…which might work better for certain other life things in general.

…whew. So there it is…lots of thoughts that have been weighing on me, and I think it’s showed on the blog…but now I have it all out, I feel ready. My road to Boston might be longer than I originally planned, but I think that will only make it that much sweeter. After all, life is what happens when you’re making plans 🙂

Do you make long term plans about your goals – and how do you adjust them?

14 thoughts on “Change of Plans for San Francisco

  1. Amazing goals, and love that you’re being realistic about it.

    My long term goal is to do a full marathon by the time I turn 35, which gives me almost 2 1/2 years. Not nearly as solo as Boston 2 Big Sur, but huge for me.

    • Thanks, C! Running really teaches you a lot about yourself, and I am glad to share what I’ve learned. You are going to rock your full, it really is an incredible accomplishment ❤

  2. Very strong of you to rethink. When you set goals, it can be tough to rethink them but I’m really proud of you for taking that step back. I hope to be in Boston as a cheerleader for you if I’m there rooting on someone else (wink wink cough cough mama K). 🙂 There is no doubt in my mind you’ll have a great SF race.

  3. You’ve got a BQ in you – I have NO doubt! However listening to your body is so much more important, and I’m glad you have done just that. You will have a great time in SF and then rock Space Coast later this year! Stay strong – you continue to inspire me 🙂

  4. This is really smart. I have no doubt that you have a BQ in you, but you don’t want to go into a race with doubts in your head and when your training has been less than ideal. I do this all the time. When I signed up for the Providence Half, it was with the intention of racing it for a possible PR. But when life happened and my training didn’t fit the goal, I decided to run it for fun and keep training for a later PR attempt. You’ll be that much better off for Space Coast!

  5. It’s a hard balance, goals and realistic expectations. Add to that all the other complications that life throws us, and it’s never a bad thing to reevaluate. I know that a BQ is in you though, you have made amazing strides in your running and I am so impressed by you!

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