Happy 25th Birthday, Jenni!

In Disneyland, 2010.
In Disneyland, 2010.

Today is my sister Jenni’s 25th birthday! It is hard to believe that my baby sister is not only 1/4 of the way to 100 years old (hehe) but is also a PharmD! YES! She earned her degree earlier this month and will be starting her residency at Seattle Children’s Hospital in June.

Jenni really is the coolest gal, and I am not just saying that because she is my favorite (and only, but still favorite) sister. I mean, c’mon. Not only is she super smart, but she’s super talented – and way more coordinated than I’ll ever be…growing up, she took all forms of dance – jazz, tap, ballet – and excelled at them all. So naturally, she took that sense of rhythm and become a Zumba instructor! She taught through her undergraduate career!

At my first (and last) Zumba class, 2010.
Us at my first (and last, lol) Zumba class, 2010.

Although we haven’t lived in the same state (ever) and are currently separated by continents (wah) we’ve always been pretty close, brought together by a love of Disney parks, silliness and adventure-seeking. While she was in college, she traveled to Guatemala to assist with cleft palate surgeries and other medical assistance, and she’s rocked many a Zumba-thon for a good cause. Long story short, she’s certifiably awesome.

At my wedding, 2009.
At my wedding, 2009.

I really could go on…and on…and on about how proud I am of my baby sister (who will ALWAYS be a baby to me, whether she’s 5, 25 or 55). I know she will be celebrating in style back home and although I don’t know when the next opportunity I will have to partyyyyy with her, I know that when we do, it’ll be worth the wait!

Neverland 5K, 2013.
Neverland 5K, 2013.

So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JENNI! Otanjyobi Omedetou! ❤


Your crazy sister


6 thoughts on “Happy 25th Birthday, Jenni!

  1. YAY! Thanks tina-beana! I miss you and can’t wait for our next adventure!!! <—–Seattle?! Let's do it!

    • LOL, Karen! My sis appreciated that I tried, but was like, “um…yeah…maybe you should stick to running?” 😉

  2. Cute! Makes me (almost) wish I had a sister (but, I kind of liked being the only daughter). 🙂 Happy birthday Jenni! I love that you guys share the love of Disney! I need to get PUMPED up for Disneyworld in September and your blog helps!

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