My Thoughts on the Fitbit Flex (Part II: the Dashboard/app)

(Part I here)

Greetings, all! I know you’ve all been waiting on the EDGE of your seat for the second part of my series on the Fitbit Flex! 🙂 Now that I’ve been a proud owner for three weeks, I thought I’d check in with some more of my thoughts, comments and answers to some of the questions that I’ve received regarding the device.

Dashboard (computer view).

One of my favorite things about the Fitbit Flex so far has been the ease of syncing the device to the dashboard – both on my computer and the mobile app.

The accessories.
The accessories (source)

With the computer interface, the data is processed via a small USB connector (which Fitbit calls a wireless sync dongle, lol). It takes only a few seconds, and you don’t even have to remove the Flex for the data to magically appear on your computer screen – which is pretty darn fantastic.

But, that’s NOTHING compared to how cool the sync is on the iPhone app! Although I was initially worried about its low rating at the App store, so far, it’s been pretty reliable.

Dashboard on iPhone app.
Dashboard on iPhone app.

The sync itself is done through the phone’s integrated Bluetooth capabilities and the neatest thing about it is that you can actually “see” your steps taken if you’re holding the phone with the app open and walking along. Although the display is not quite as extensive as its computer counterpart, you can view most options via the buttons that line the bottom (where you can add activity, track weight, check friends progress and even set alarms/log food or water intake) its definitely great for those ‘on the go’ checks of progress.

General thoughts so far…

  • Receiving timely reports and data is what really keeps me engaged with the Fitbit – and is probably one of the biggest positives for me. Also, after wearing the Flex for three weeks, I have honestly even forgotten that it’s on, that’s how comfortable it is! The ‘tracker’ only needs to be charged every 3-5 days, and is quick and easy – you just remove the wristband pop out the tracker and fit it into the USB charging device and it takes just a few minutes to go to full charge. I usually do this when I am checking emails or working on homework, so its an opportunity that I am not missing any steps 😉
  • The only CON I can think of at the moment is that the steps are not always accurate when it comes to running. Walking, sure, I can track that with the iPhone app that each step is being recorded, but with running, I’ve compared the ‘before and afters’ of both the treadmill and my Garmin vs. the Fitbit and it’s been up to a mile off for both. Fortunately, activity levels are easily adjusted on either dashboard interface and steps/mileage update accordingly.

In an upcoming update (part III, wheeee) I am excited to share what other exciting positives have come from my relationship with my Fitbit, as well as more responses to the questions I have received….so please, continue to ask away, and I would be glad to share my thoughts with you.

Do you track your progress/activity? Would something like a Fitbit make you more mindful of your activity levels? If you have one, have you made any changes to your lifestyle?

I should also note that in the past week, Fitbit has introduced a beta version of a new dashboard for the computer, but I’ve since swapped it back to the normal view since it’s more “to the point” in my opinion. Here’s a screenshot of the more visual display:

Dashboard (beta).
Dashboard (beta).

This new display feature more graphics, and I assume will eventually replace the current dashboard (standard view) but for me, I prefer all data in one screen, without scrolling.

Disclaimer: I purchased the Fitbit Flex on my own and am not being compensated or sponsored in any way whatsoever in using this device, so all opinions are 100 percent my own :)


  1. question – is the Fitbit associated with the iPhone or any other apple products? Or does it run independently? Is there also an Android app? 🙂

    • Outside running, it’s not off by too much (maybe .3 to .5 miles) but on the treadmill, definitely off (by 2-3 ,miles)

  2. I bought a FitBit One on Monday – unfortunately I haven’t been able to use it yet because when I opened the box the charger was missing. Kudos the the FitBit support team though because they are sending me one as we speak – I can’t wait to use it! One question though – I have the ability the wear the one on my wrist using the wristband but since it seems like the counts will most likely be off while running, should I just manually add a run after I’m done?

    • Kristen – I’d try it out first…my friend Angie commented that she had not seen a discrepancy with the One with running (she clips the One on her bra) so I’d try that. Compare the before and after mileage on another device (like watch, GPS app, whatever) to see how it compares 🙂

  3. My running buddy and I always say that my UP gives me more steps than her Fitbit gives her…either that or I take smaller and multiple steps lol

  4. Have you been using the sleep features at all? That’s one of my main reasons for wanting the flex…to track and understand my sleep habits and for the silent alarm.

    • Ashley – YES! I want to have more data to work with before I review that function, but it is definitely something that I wanted in a device, and the Fitbit does this well.

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