Happy National Running Day!

Hey pals! Whether you are already a runner, or aspire to become one, National Running Day is a fantastic way to get off the ground running 🙂


Although I overslept this morning, I still laced up and hit 2 miles this morning and plan on celebrating in another way: registering for a race or two! Here are some great offers that I found around the web this morning if you are feeling the itch to sign up for an event:

Rock ‘n Roll Events – $20 off! Sign up for one of the below events today AND as a bonus, you will be automatically registered into prize package drawings with prizes like giftcards, GU and more!

Discounts for RNR races (source)
Discounts for RNR races (source)

Womens Running Series – $20 off: great races in TN, AZ, FL and CA coming up!


US Road Sports Events: Discounts range from $5 off a 5K to $26 off a marathon! Sweet! US Road Sports hosts a ton of awesome events, including notable races like the Miami Marathon, the Publix Georgia Marathon, New Jersey Marathon, Palm Beaches Marathon and more!


These are just a few of the great deals that are floating around today…so please reply in the comments if there are more that you’d like to share!

What are you doing to celebrate National Running Day?


  1. Happy National Running Day! I love all the deals but I need to put a halt on my race registrations for awhile. Mr Mastercard is screaming from all my races this spring.

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