Dream Jobs.

Back from the time I was in preschool, I have had lofty aspirations of what my ultimate career path would be. While my fellow classmates dreamt of a world as a glittering ballerina, a brave firefighter or a caring veteranarian, I dreamt of what I thought to be the ultimate profession:


Yes, a bus driver.

Now, to the credit of my four or five-year-old mind, it was a pretty important job. Back then, we were living in South Korea and that was when families could only have one car, so me and my mom were frequent bus-riders. Getting places quickly and efficiently is a pretty big deal and in all honesty, I totally respect bus drivers today because I really don’t even like driving a car (my utopia would be full of walking, bikes and monorails, but that’s another story altogether).

But back to the story…

Today, I was clicking around, doing my usual afternoon roundup of social media sites, when I came across a link that Karla posted: RunWESTIN grows with Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series partnership…I was instantly intrigued!


The article detailed an exciting new partnership between the Westin and Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon brands – a type of new synergy that would pair enthusiasm for racing with a refined look at the art of planning the ultimate racecation! I don’t think I could have written a better dream job description myself!

So, I clicked on over to the RunWESTIN Concierge page to learn the nitty-gritty details behind the job posting…there HAD to be a catch, right? Hmm…


Hmmm…still sounds pretty darn perfect! I mean…the opportunity to travel to Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathons across North America, share training and planning tips and rock out on social media? AND GET PAID FOR IT?! Where do I sign up? Oh yeah, right here 😉

The timeline for the process looks exciting too:


Therefore, according to my calculations, by the end of next month, I could be rocking my way to what can only be described as the ultimate DREAM JOB for this super stoked marathoner! And I thought my excitement level couldn’t get any higher

So, RunWESTIN, if you’re listening, I’m ready to ROCK! Sharing my running story, providing encouragement and advice and keeping it fun along the way, I cannot wait to share my passion with an even bigger audience. Thank you for this opportunity – I know this is just the beginning!

What’s YOUR ultimate dream job?


  1. Good luck, Krissy! I know you’d be fantastic doing this job!! 🙂
    PS. When I was young, both me and my sister dreamt of being waitresses. So glad that didn’t come true!

  2. So I think you would be perfect for this job!! Good luck! (Don’t laugh…in 1st grade, I wrote a paper on how I wanted to be a mailman when I grew up. I thought they had the coolest job ever!) LOL

  3. You are the ideal candidate Krissy! Good luck and hopefully we will be listening to you at a future R and R event! And if that does not work out, maybe you can drive a bus at WDW!

  4. Good luck Krissy! You’re perfect for it! Dream jobs growing up: Archeologist (too much Indiana Jones), boxer, private investigator (ok, dating myself- Magnum PI). Now? Don’t know. I love being a teacher, but don’t picture myself doing it until I’m in my 60’s. So, taking life by the hand and I started writing for more than my blog. We’ll see. being creative does make me happy. When I had a crappy job (for 6 years) out of college, I used to think as long as I was reading, writing and riding my bike (now running) that I’d be happy with any job 🙂

  5. This job is tailored for you! Good luck Krissy! I wanted to sing and dance on Broadway when I was younger LOL. Not sure that will ever happen, but you never truly know, right? 😉

  6. Good luck, Krissy! I’m so glad you found my article. And when I was 5, I wanted to be a nun who was a race car driver. It just makes no sense.

    • Haha, love that dream job, Karla! You could have been lapping Danica out on the track 🙂

      Thanks for always sharing the best running stories from around the web – it’s another thing I love about the running community – both online and off: the connection! ❤

  7. Wishing you the best in this intriguing opportunity!

    I’ve been thinking about my “dream job” a lot lately. My work history has been tumultous at best, and I’m not making enough money to justify my commute, lack of excitement, and degree. I used to think being a magazine editor (like Self or something that is more lifestyle-focused than just fitness) would be cool, but I think I realized it too late. Plus, I think there is a lot more to it than trying makeup and food.

    Thank goodness I can still blog as a hobby!

    • Thanks so much, Julie! You are one of the first running bloggers I followed, so you have inspired me a lot along the way.

  8. Can you say perfect fit? They’d be crazy not to hire you. But on another note, you’d still make one awesome bus driver =P

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