Are YOU Ready to Rock?

As I excitedly blogged about earlier this week, I recently learned about an opportunity that would not only allow me to do showcase my passion and enthusiasm for running, social media and traveling, but also represent two very prominent brands in the process: Westin and the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series.

…oh, and it wouldn’t be too shabby to have tank tops, compression socks and running skirts replace my current business casual wardrobe…

(from the leesburg 20K)
(from the Leesburg 20K)

…but I digress.

As I was daydreaming contemplating the possibility of moving forward in the process, I started thinking about the fantastic destinations I could be visiting as a RunWESTIN concierge…the description had suggested the position would last a minimum of six months and be comprised of “approximately 10” trips to races across North America! So, that got me thinking…


First race: Chicago – this is the finalists’ trip (where the position is narrowed down from the last three contestants). I have never been there, but this would be the perfect opportunity to show just how well I can plan a trip to an unknown destination! Plus, what’s better for carbo-loading than some real deep dish pizza?


Next exciting locales that span the next six-months… (click here to be brought to the RNR Marathon Series Tour Stop Page):

  • Virginia Beach, VA: 9/1/2013 – this would be a fun trip, since I have run around the VA Beach area in a few different races, most notably the Shamrock Marathon and the Wicked 10K. It’s always a festive atmosphere and definitely one of the flattest places I have ever run!
  • Philadelphia, PA: 9/15/2013 – can you say post-race PHILLY STEAK SANDWICH? Hah, really though, I am a huge Philly fan since our visit last year (trip recaps Part 1, 2 and 3) and running around Kelly Drive is one of my favorite places ever.
  • Montreal, CN: 9/22/2013 – Oh Canada! I am a fan of traveling to and learning about foreign lands, and yes, Montreal would be quite an adventure to me, as I have only been to Western Canada (Victoria, B.C.).
  • Providence, RI: 9/29/2013 – Believe it or not, New England is another locale I have not traversed. Discovering a new region on foot is always a satisfying quest, so this would be right up my alley.
  • San Jose, CA: 10/6/2013 – San Jose is a city I have visited in the past, but I’d love to return! The West Coast, in my humble opinion, really is the best coast, and this race is touted as “California’s Fastest!”
  • Cleveland, OH: 10/6/2013 – Where better to rock than the ‘Heart of Rock’n’Roll” of Cleveland?! Where, I ask you!?
  • Brooklyn, NY: 10/12/2013 (10K only)
  • Denver, CO: 10/20/2013 – Ahhh, the Mile High City. The farthest I have ventured in this great state have unfortunately been the confines of their airports, but I have a feeling the clean and fresh mountain air would be just what the doctor ordered…
  • Los Angeles, CA: 10/27/2013 – There’s always a good reason to visit LA, and this event sounds like it’s no exception. Marketed as a “Halloween” Marathon, I cannot help but imagine what fun costume I’d wear.
  • St Louis, MO: 10/27/2013 – as silly as it sounds, I’ve always had the desire to see the St Louis Arch in person – and luckily for me, the course description denotes incredible views of it!
  • Savannah, GA: 11/9/2013 – another one of those lovely cities that I’d love to visit! I read recaps of this event from several of my favorite bloggers, including Dani, who ran her then marathon PR and quickly added it to my bucket list.
  • Las Vegas, NV: 11/17/2013 – probably one of the most famous races around, I’ve been following this event for quite some time – and with the slogan of “Run the Strip at Night!” how could you not? This race takes place four days before hubs’ and my anniversary, so this could be the perfect opportunity to plan an extended racecation.
  • San Antonio, TX: 11/17/2013: My best friend lives in Austin…she’s getting married in March…do you think I could convince her to run this lil race with me? TX in the late fall sounds like pretty ideal running weather to me…
  • Arizona: 1/19/2014 – Now this race name kind of made me chuckle! And why? Well, due to the courses, of course! The Marathon (and Bike Tour) start in Downtown Phoenix while the half and ‘mini marathon’ begin in Tempe. Talk about some incredible logistics

…and get this, every month on the 13th, there is a $13 discount code for a wide range of these races (exclusions listed on the website – fortunately none of those listed above) so that means TODAY is that special day this month, so if you’ve been on the fence, REGISTER NOW! 🙂

I know that I had recently started thinking back at the different races that I have participated in and realized that starting my own quest for the 50 states could be fun (check these guys out for more) as I am at the very impressive number of 4 states already (three in VA, plus Utah, Maryland, Florida and soon-to-be California) 😉

For those very motivated individuals, the Rock N Roll Marathon Series features a neat way to get your races in: the Tourpass! For $399 (plus processing) you can pay once and pick all your “stops” over the course of a year. See this page for terms and conditions – sounds like a pretty sweet deal to me!

I don’t know about you all, but all of this rockstar talk is making me antsy for a run! Leave me a comment if you’ve run any of those races above – or if one of them is on your bucket list! I hope to see y’all soon 😀


    • Savannah would def be cool – thanks for the comment!! 😀 And congrats on the “Blogger on the run” feature! 😀

  1. I love that you gathered all of this information in one place! You are demonstrating your stellar ability to get the RunWestin job done! Westin are reading?? BRING THIS GIRL TO CHI town!!

  2. Hmm.. you could probably convince me to do a 5k but i don’t know about a half marathon or marathon!! Either way, I’d drive the hour and stay up in SA to support you and we could have a great time at the river walk/bachelorette party!

  3. This would be an amazing job!! Am thinking of registering for RnRNOLA with today’s discount!

  4. I did RnR Vegas last year and it was amazing!!! Running the Strip at Night definitely lived up to the hype. Now that I’m moving to St. Louis, I’m hoping I’ll be able to do RnR St Louis.

  5. The Philly RNR was my first half marathon last year! The course was great and everything was really well organized. I really want to run RNR Vegas. It looks like it won’t happen this year-maybe next year 🙂

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