Thirty before Thirty.

Hi all! As you read this, I will be working on THE JOURNEY TO SAN FRANCISCO, TAKE TWO! Hooray!

Today, I thought I’d share a segment that I have been thinking about ever since my friend Theresa shared her listΒ of “30 before 30” – 30 activities that she plans to complete before rounding the third decade of her life.

Me and Jen on my 29th birthday.
Me and Jen on my 29th birthday.

Now, I protested this idea at first – mostly because I have a shorter timeline than her (6 months less, to be precise) and since I waited this long to get it all down, I essentially have even less time, but I adjusted – and if all goes well, here are the 30 things I have on my ‘plate’ in the next 10 (YIKES!) months..

  1. Earn my MLIS degree from Florida State University
  2. Try Stand-Up Paddleboarding
  3. Perfect the art of pancake-making
  4. Plan a trip back to Japan (hubs has never been)
  5. Complete an Ultramarathon
  6. Try a Triathlon
  7. Read a book a month (for fun)
  8. Renew my passport (with my married name…it’s only been almost 4 years, lol)
  9. Reach 3,000 followers on twitter
  10. See my best friend get married in Austin, TX
  11. Take a cake decorating class
  12. Find a hairdresser
  13. Plan/execute a great 4th Anniversary Celebration
  14. Visit all four WDW parks in one day (I have done three in the past)
  15. Go on the Wild Africa Trek
  16. Make macarons
  17. Adopt a dog (hopefully)
  18. Create a container garden
  19. Be an official pacer for an endurance event.
  20. Get properly fitted for a bra
  21. Discover my ‘signature drink.’
  22. See a live recording of a TV show
  23. Learn basic bicycle repairs
  24. Attend a professional sporting event…and follow what’s actually going on πŸ˜‰
  25. Visit a ‘new’ country (one I have never been to, that is, not a newly created one, lol)
  26. Meet 3-5 of my favorite bloggers that I’ve never met IRL
  27. Take a cool picture and make it into a piece of art for our house
  28. Go on a cruise (non Disney)
  29. Organize the pantry
  30. Get professional headshots taken.

There were a few others thing I wanted to add, but they weren’t as quantifiable. I am sure those goals, dreams and aspirations will make themselves evident in the coming months on the blog πŸ™‚

What would you add to this list for yourself?

21 thoughts on “Thirty before Thirty.

  1. Good luck!! I’m excited to read all about your adventures crossing these off!! This is a really cool idea….I’ll have to remember this in a few years! πŸ™‚

  2. It looks like you will be busy, but those are all fun things. Some of them that you list are things I would like to cross off of my bucket list someday. I still need to figure out my “signature drink” too!

  3. Love this list! I’ve always wanted to make a list – and REALLY do it. I have a life list, just not a “by the time I’m __” list. Hmmm… now you’ve got me thinking.

  4. Sounds like fun (and very do-able) list! I can give you advice on pancake making and SUP. I love making pancakes even though they are probably my least favorite food of all times. And I’ve only been stand up paddle boarding once, but it was SO much fun that I’m now hoping to buy my own board.

  5. I did lists like these for several years and they were fun! It is neat to see what you can accomplish. I love your list – can’t wait to see your progress.

  6. Love this!!! I also have a 30 list…but mine is “30 During 30” since I really only had about 4 months before my 30th BDay. Thanks for featuring me in the pic πŸ™‚ It was really awesome meeting you IRL!!! I’m hoping one day in the near future we can actually meet again and spend some time hanging out and chatting!!! Take care chica – I can’t wait to watch the progress on this list!

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