About that.

Plans…they’re made to be broken, right?

Don’t worry, we’re still moving, but we’ve hit…should I say..just a few snags in the road – and by snags, I mean totally ridiculous, ARE YOU SERIOUS sorts of issues, but I am surprisingly mellow about it. So, here’s a humorous snapshot at what’s been going down this week, in a nice little TOP THREE list:

3. Hubs got sick.


It was Wednesday, I believe, when I came home from work and hubs was certifiably hacking out his lungs and sneezing/blowing his nose like no tomorrow. It was way beyond the point of allergies, and he was getting super weak just carrying around papers in the house, let alone moving boxes. So yeah, definitely the plague. That was the first sign.Β 

2. Our rental truck order was ‘upgraded’


This image is just a bit of an exaggeration πŸ˜‰ but really. Really. We don’t have a lot of stuff – we’re moving out of a two-bedroom condo that never really looked lived-in, but in any case, we had rented a 16′ moving truck for our move, which was already a little excessive. ‘Lucky’ for us, the company ‘upgraded’ us to a 24-foot one. Awesome…especially since we’ll be towing the car behind us. We’ll just be driving a nice lil caravan down to Florida, wheeee! With us waiting til Tuesday now, there’s a minutiae of a chance the company will track down the 16-footer, but we’re prepared for the worst.

1. The elevator in our building was STRUCK BY LIGHTNING.


I cannot make this stuff up, folks. We live on the 4th floor of a 4-story condo and there is NO WAY we can haul even our small amount of stuff down the stairs – which we would have had to do since the elevator went down on Wednesday and is not expected to be repaired until Monday at the earliest!

So all in all…it appears the Commonwealth of Virginia was just not quite ready to get rid of us…but, eh, you know what, yesterday was my last day of work, and with the exception of having to rearrange some randomness related to my summer class and group meetings, it’s just fine by me to have a few more days in Charlottesville…because good things come to those who wait, right? πŸ˜‰

Tell me your funniest moving story.


    • Thanks, J! He’s feeling better each day so I think this extra time helped in the long run!!

  1. Oh, no! I’m so sorry. I’ve had tons of crazy moving stories but the start of them was when I was moving to NYC. 2 weeks before the date, the building our sublet was in had an outbreak of bedbugs. Yea. Good times.

  2. I really hope that elevator gets fixed for you! Good things happen to those that wait? Nah, make something happen (no, don’t fix the elevator yourself…)! Get an extra run in, meditate, have a coffee, network, write, draw, paint, scream (ok, maybe not that)…something!

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