Recap: inMotion Mid-Summer 5K Run

This past Saturday, I set my alarm for the first time in more than a week for a super fun event: a last minute 5K that I had found out about from a local running store – and the best part about it? It was FREE!

I didn’t really know what to expect, other than there would be water and course marshals, but I was excited to run somewhere new and possibly meet a few new people. I had not raced a 5K since last summer (see: crazy crash and burn race + garminless 5K) and even then, my times were not a lot to write home about (I was stuck in the 25:XX zone) so my goals were really loose:

  1. Enjoy the run
  2. Not melt and/or die

Haha! Really though, it was humid to the max, and the run location was right on the other side of the bridge over to Siesta Key so I knew it would be steamy at 7 AM…so imagine my surprise when this happened:

First woman!
First woman!

Sure, there were only about 75 runners, and there’s a good chance that 1/2 of them were run-walkers, but I felt pretty awesome anyway! Plus, I unofficially beat my standing 5K PR by 3 seconds, so it was a double win for me.

The running course was a good one – we started at the New Balance Store, then ran a little out and back down the street before heading onto Stickney Point Road, up and over the bridge to Siesta Key, to the marina and a loop back to the store. Once we got going, my strategy was this: keep the leaders in the corner of my eye. There was a teenage girl behind me for the first mile, and I was almost sure she’d pass me in Mile 2, but I stopped hearing her behind me – and as we headed back across the bridge, I didn’t see her at all.

I did have to walk for about 15 seconds at about Mile 2.7 or so, as sweat was blinding me. My visor is great, but with that kind of humidity, I swear every part of your face is perspiring! Haha! I wiped my face, took a deep breath, and started back up, and focused in on a strong finish…seeing a sub-24 on the finisher clock as I rounded the parking lot pushed me to kick it up a notch for the last few strides, too.


The run organizers were super nice, and we even got little goodie bags with some NB swag, GU and race / training information…and my first female certificate netted me a cool $25 gift certificate which I hope to use soon for some new socks! 😉 Exciting, right?!

Anywho, I was super glad that I went, and though the time wasn’t official, it was a good start to my new training cycle – wahhhoooo!

Do you count unofficial PRs as PBs?


  1. Awesome race Krissy. Way to go on sub 24….that is so speedy! Congrats and enjoy spending your gift certificate! Prizes are always fun.

  2. First off, sweet visor. 😉
    Secondly, I used to be adamant that a PR had to come in an “official” event, but now that I’ve been racing for 9 years, I really don’t care. I say count it!

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