Giveaway: Müller Yogurt

A little over a year ago, I posted a review on a ‘new-to-me’ yogurt, Müller. Hubs and I stumbled upon it at our local grocer and really enjoyed the three varieties: Corner, Greek Corner and the more parfait-like ‘FrütUp’ cups.


In that original review, I signed off the post by saying I’d LOVE to be a taste-tester…and guess what?! I was contacted by Muller-Quaker with two awesome opportunities: to try their new summer flavors (FrütUp Orange and FrütUp Mango, and Greek Corner Pineapple Passion Fruit and Greek Corner Mango) AND to share with my readers, too! Sweet!! 😀


All you have to do to win 5 vouchers (up to $1.49 value each) is leave a comment answering this question: what flavor(s) would you choose if you won?

Giveaway will be open today, Saturday, 8/3 through Saturday, 8/10 at 11:59 PM, in which time I will be drawing TWO lucky winners from and I’ll send those vouchers out to you ASAP!

Disclaimer: As mentioned above, I was compensated with free product but all opinions are my own.


  1. If I won, I would choose the Orange and Mango flavors. (If they ever make a Strawberry one, I would choose that too!)

  2. Either Greek Corner Pineapple Passion Fruit or Greek Corner Mango! I love Muller Greek Yogurts!

  3. Strawberry is always the safe flavor. Then anything with mangos and pineapples are always noteworthy on the “must try” list

  4. The Luscious Lemon would be my first choice. Followed by the Radiant Raspberry and the Blueberry Bliss.

  5. I just bought Muller for the first time last week and I ♥♥♥ it! Perfect consistency and flavorful. Not soupy looking like Chobani!
    I love the FruitUps- they make for a tasty dessert. I would love to try the lemon flavor!

  6. I haven’t tried Muller yet after seeing the commercials. I’d probably try the Mango for starters.

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