Training Tuesday: W1 HMM…and a fun announcement!

It’s been a good week for running.

2nd time's a charm! ;)

First – let’s get the big news out first – on August 1, the 2013-2014 team announcement was sent out – and I was one of the 100 that was welcomed to the Oiselle Volée team! I am incredibly honored to be a part of such a fierce female collective that not only has the coolest team manifesto around, but looks great while rocking it.

While I don’t have tons of other information to share on what this means for my running as of now, but this is what I do know: I’ll be running, training and racing for something bigger than me, which I am SO excited about. This is the second year that I have applied to be on the team and I am so honored to be granted this opportunity – so look for me in the singlet soon (as seen below, modeled so gorgeously by teammate Danielle when we ran NWHM this past spring)

Pic courtesy Andy.
 (Pic courtesy Andy).

Second – I’m on to the second week of my Hansons Marathon Method training and so far, so good. As previously mentioned, I opted for the beginner’s plan since I feel that my previous training had been on the minimal side (my personal distance record for mileage in a week is something around 46 miles, which I achieved the week of the Baltimore Marathon – my PR 26.2, ironically). I feel like that proves I can run on fatigued legs, and hope the training simulations will get me to that point again December 1.


The first five weeks of HMM are essentially base-building, and clock at at much lower mileage totals than what I am used to, even for regular mileage. However, since the move and everything else, it was really the perfect opportunity to ‘start anew’ so I’m rolling with the shorter easy runs. Good news is, mileage adjustments are okay with the plan for easy runs, so if I feel like I want to put in a little more, I can. Woot! I am also using the hot and humid weather as the perfect motivation to slow down the easy runs, so if possible, it’s a win-win-win.

Later this month, hubs and I will be headed out to Iowa for a week, so I’ll have to come up with some routes while I am there – about 25 miles in total during the trip, which should be doable. Another consideration I need to work on starting in September: track work. I have the calculations for paces already, but may have to do some of those workouts on the treadmill if I cannot find a good track.

Screen Shot 2013-08-06 at 3.54.01 PM

And one last note – I got a tip from my pal David about Running Warehouse‘s liquidation of a ton of different makes/models of running shoes and scored a pair of my beloved Brooks Ghost 5 – in a limited edition color to boot, for less than $70! That was awesome. So, check ’em out if you wear a pair that have been updated…you might find a great deal too 🙂

What are your best tips for finding shoe deals? Where do you do your track workouts? 


    • Thanks, T! I kept getting the run around from Brooks about the ID team…hard to choose between fave brands!

  1. Congrats on Oiselle, my best friend Hollie was also accepted! Great group of women!

    I track my workouts on RunningAHEAD it’s free and amazingly nerdy software….I also use Dailymile

  2. Hey lady, just catching up on reading blogs this week. SO excited you’ll be joining the Oiselle team – very cool!

    As for tracking workouts, I use a paper planner…I haven’t yet made the digital switch. I track weekly and monthly mileage and it’s easy to cross out and erase any info I don’t need!

  3. […] August: Another great racecation – this one took me to Disneyland for the Dumbo Double Dare (10K & 1/2) and the Labor Day 1/2 in Seattle, to visit my sister – so much fun. Along the way, Morgan and I held a Cupcake Meetup and raised almost $1000 for St Judes AND I found out that I had been selected for the Oiselle Team! […]

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