2 hours to Magic (+ other Thursday Things).

Russell, Jillian and me.
Jillian, Russell and me, via Instagram

Yesterday, I hopped in the car at 6:45 AM and exactly two hours later, pulled into Unicorn Parking, Row 28 at Disney’s Animal Kingdom at Walt Disney World! There, I met with my pal Jillian and we explored the park working on earning badges with the new Wilderness Explorers interactive game – so of course, we had to do the call with Russell! Oh, and yes, we did plan on matching rogas – what can we say, we’re full of #flystyle! (on that note: here’s the update from Oiselle about the team!)

After a morning full of fun, we took the party to Magic Kingdom and by magical circumstance, ran into Morgan and friends and had a great lunch at Be Our Guest restaurant! The park was very crowded, but we got in quite a few fun shows, including Philharmagic, The Hall of Presidents and The Country Bear Jamboree. Ohhhh, and of course, we HAD to stop in the new Main Street Bakery, featuring Starbucks!

J and I split before the fireworks, so after monorail-ing it back to the lot and walking to the car, I was on the road by 10 PM and back at home by midnight. It was pretty darn exciting…and I look forward to more quick trips like that, as I’ll be popping up when I can…because as of TODAY, I’ve had my first post published on the popular Touring Plans Blog!


Check it out HERE – if you have a moment, drop me a comment! And if you have some great ideas for posts YOU would like to read about regarding Disney: trip planning, merchandise, food, or other random local stuff – let me know! I’m so excited for this opportunity. Never miss a new post by subscribing via email there, following them on twitter or liking them on Facebook 🙂

Other fun news: I got my new laptop in the mail today: the MacBook Air! So far, it is amazing! So much faster than my last computer and holy cow, it’s the first laptop I have ever owned that you can actually work with it on your lap! 😉

Now, it’s time to peel myself off the comfy couch and log a few easy miles. Hubs headed out to tennis for the evening, so I am thinking treadmill + Arrested Development time!

What’s your favorite day trip from where you live?

18 thoughts on “2 hours to Magic (+ other Thursday Things).

  1. I would do anything to be THAT close to the magic! Lucky you! WDW is about as far as you can get from my house and still be in the continental 48… (we are about an hour and a half from the Canadian border … north of Seattle)… DLR is quite a trip too. Congrats on the opportunity to write for Touring Plans! That is awesome! Kim

    • Thanks very much,T! It’s incredible how much faster this computer is, too…I can ACTUALLY multitask, lol 😀

  2. Hands down my favorite day trip from where I live is Niagara Falls. I grew up going there a lot in the summer because my dad’s family is around there. It’s a lot of fun and close enough to make it a day thing!

    • I so want to visit Niagra Falls one day…did you ever watch that show, “Wonder Falls” ?

    • Thanks, K! Def had a blast, cannot wait to do more visits when the kids are back in school, etc

  3. I leave in less than a month for my first Disney World experience! Looking forward to it, but not that excited as I have NO IDEA what to expect. Do you have an annual pass to DW?

  4. I cannot wait to go to Be Our Guest in February! I’ll tweet you a question I have about that…. Anywho. My fave day trip from where I live is Lake Michigan. Its the best place in the world, really. And then Disney is next 😉

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