Hello! (from Iowa)


We’ve been in Iowa for the past week – to tell you the truth, it feels like we’ve been here a lot longer (for better or for worse) but there have definitely been some highlights:

  • As pictured above – I’ve kept up on the marathon training and have enjoyed the lower temperatures and the different terrain/scenery.
  • We’ve had a chance to see lots of family members, and even got to attend hubs’ grandma’s 90th birthday party.
  • I’ve had some quiet time to work on more posts on the Touring Plans Blog, which I have been enjoying a lot.

Tomorrow, we will be heading back to Florida and the routine there – then a week later, it’s off to Disneyland for me! I have to say, life ain’t too bad 😉

What have you been up to?



  1. Iowa is an interesting place! I had to go there for work in June as my company HQ are there. Definitely a differetn way of life out in the midwest than I am used to!

    Glad you have been able to keep up with training with all you have going on, not that I doubted you would 🙂

  2. Busy girl! I’m traveling a lot this week too, but unlike you, my training hasn’t been quite on track. Frequent business travel really disrupts my running schedule! Booo… safe travels! Can’t wait to hear about Dumbo!

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