Recap: Labor Day Half (my first Double…errr triple?)

On Monday, September 2, I ran 13.1 miles in beautiful Redmond, Washington…they just happened to be 16 hours after completing 13.1 the day before…and 6.2 before that. Oh, and in two different states. But enough about that for now…and yes, I am recapping backward, but that’s just how it’s gonna go πŸ˜‰

Big smiles after 32.4 miles of magic.
Big smiles after 32.4 miles of magic.

Technicalities aside, when I crossed the finish line of the Overlake Medical Center’s Labor Day HalfΒ in 1:54:43, words cannot describe the unadulterated runner’s high I felt; from the excitement of seeing my family at the start AND finish line, the feeling of accomplishment from running back-to-back half marathons and experiencing the bond of sisters in sport from fellow Oiselle birdies and my good friend from college, Margaret – it still feels unreal.

Me and Margaret, Labor Day Half, 2013.
Me and Margaret at the start, Labor Day Half, 2013.

The race itself was lovely – cool temperatures (almost cold for this Florida girl) and sunshine, all taking place on a combination of roads and the Sammamish River Trail. There were no corrals or anything – you just lined up wherever (both half marathoners and four-milers, which meant I didn’t cross the start line for about a minute or so), and although it was touted as “pancake flat,” I was pretty happy to see a bit of elevation changes – both up and downhill as we rounded out the course.

Officially one of my new favorite race pics.
Officially one of my new favorite race pics.

There were a few out and backs, which usually might drive me bananas, but since I was on general auto-pilot, it was kind of nice to just follow the crowd and never feel alone on the course! The middle of the pack group that I was in thinned out around Mile 6 or so, and it never felt too crowded.

…and really, nothing beats seeing your family at the finish.

Pic my mom snapped as I made my way to the finish.
Pic my mom snapped as I made my way to the finish.
...just .1 to go!
…just .1 to go!


Awesome sign my sister made.
Awesome sign my sister made.

I was planning on sharing my splits, but my Garmin is being a jerk, so I’ll likely compare the Monday race to the Sunday one in a future post…but overall, I was pretty darn happy about executing a 8:45 average on pretty tired legs (I had run Thur, Fri, Sat, Sun and Mon, with a ton of walking in between at Disneyland) so I considered this first back-to-back half marathon weekend a rousing success.

Oh, and it was my 11th half, so that was pretty neat, too.

Have you ever run a back to back?


  1. Great race recap, Florida Girl! Must have been really nice to travel through and do a race in that part of the country. Love the outfit – esp the shorts! And now that I have seen it on a real person, I’m ordering one of those visors. πŸ™‚

    • Thanks, M! I love these shorts to death (Oiselle Diamond Rogas) and YES – wish I had picked up more than one Sparkle visor, they are so awesome!

    • Thanks, Kyle! It was definitely a fun experience and made me realize (even more) how much I love running!

  2. You are amazing doing back to back half marathons at such a speedy pace. Great job and enjoy the rest of your visit with your family!

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