The 2014 Search Begins Today!


More than a year ago, I started this blog to document my process of applying the WDW Moms Panel – and though the name has changed (Disney Parks Moms Panel) and this blog has taken on a few other directions in the interim, I am proud and excited to throw my hat in for the third time!

Not only have I had the chance to document my thoughts regarding all things Moms Panel, this blog has given me the opportunity to share all runDisney all the time! From the meetups and recaps, to running inspiration and more, it’s been a great ride and I am over the moon about the support and enthusiasm that I’ve received from fellow bloggers, readers and runDisney enthusiasts.

So, people of the world, in 13 minutes when the application opens for another recruitment season, you can be sure that I will be there, ready to take on the challenge. If you’re joining me on the quest, please comment below so we can experience this wild ride together…because after all, the journey can be just as thrilling as reaching the destination. ❤


8 thoughts on “The 2014 Search Begins Today!

  1. Can we nominate you to be the runDisney panelist? should there be a campaign, buttons, publicity tours? I’ve been living in DC for too long.

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