GO, Ashley, GO!


9 entries were submitted in this giveaway, so here’s the drawing, via random.org:

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So, EMILY, congrats!

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I will be contacting you ASAP!

Race weekends at the Disney resorts are much more than running X amount of miles, earning a shiny medal, or waiting in line for your favorite attractions – they’re about the PEOPLE. Friends, strangers (“Come In A Stranger, Leave A Little Stranger,” anyone?) and everyone in between – bumping into amazing people that you’ve known for a lifetime, or maybe just a few minutes – are the very best thing.

Case in point: Ashley.

Desert Rose and Sarsaparilla, holding up the Golden Horseshoe.
Desert Rose and Sarsaparilla, holding up the Golden Horseshoe.

We’ve been pals through social media for a few years now and I finally had the chance to not only hang out with her at Disneyland this past Labor Day Weekend! She rocked her races with speed AND style, because…c’mon, how awesome are these costumes?


The greatest thing about my friendship with Ashley is the support system we’ve found, whether its about training for races, chatting about our addiction to racing in costume, or even bigger things, it’s great to have a friend that understands some of that magical method behind the madness. And when she told me she was thinking about something REALLY BIG for 2014, I couldn’t help but jump on board with it.

So, are you ready for this?

Ashley announced today something HUGE: SHE IS RUNNING THE 2014 Walt Disney World Marathon for Team in Training! You all know how I feel about TNT so you know I was stoked – and ready to jump in and help! See, she had originally planned on running Tink but thought the marathon would be an even more incredible challenge, especially since she accomplished the Dumbo Dare with flying colors.

So, what now?

Well, Ashley is in for LOTS of miles, and lots of hard work to make those fundraising goals…something I found to be just as challenging as putting in those long runs and I wanted to help her kick start her marathon training cycle with a BOOST of encouragement – and was hoping YOU could all help, too! And since we all need a little motivation sometimes, I thought I’d sweeten the deal:


Yes! A $50 gift card that you can use in-store (even at outlets!) or on-line to your choice of the following brands: GAP, Old Navy, Banana Republic, Piperlime or Athleta! This would also make a great Christmas gift, since y’know, it’s almost time to start thinking about that 😉

ALL you have to do is this: visit Ashley’s fundraising page HERE. Then, come back here and leave a comment to say you donated (you can hide your amount on her page if you’d rather it not show). EVERY DOLLAR COUNTS – seriously! Whether you’re able to spare that $3 you would have spent on your latte, or you’re a high roller rockin’ titanium status…that money will not only go toward a fabulous cause, but push Ashley toward completing her FIRST FULL MARATHON.

..worth a try, right?

This “contest” will be open until the end of September, so I can send you your gift card postmarked from Walt Disney World in October (!!) when I am there for Tower 10 Miler Weekend – where I will see Ashley again! Wahoo!

Let me know if you have any questions, and please, feel free to share this post, too!

Lets cheer on Ashley!!


  1. I donated (as if that was in question)! Instead of a gift card, can you just leave space for me in your luggage instead?

  2. Krissy- You’re an awesome friend for doing this and YAY Ashley for your first full marathon. You’ll do great! (Hope you got my baby donation. Every bit helps, right?!)

  3. […] As of today, I’ve raised $1,020!  I am seriously blown away by the generosity of my friends, family, and complete Internet strangers.  What’s even more amazing is my friend Krissy is doing a giveaway right now.  If you donate (any amount), you’ll be entered to win a $50 Banana Republic/Gap/Old Navy/Piperlime/Athleta gift card!  Hello Fall wardrobe!  If you’ve already donated, make sure you head over to her site and enter to win the gift card! […]

  4. […] For a quick fundraising update:  11 states have been colored purple for Team in Training! 39 to go! AND  I’m 50% to my required goal of $2,700!!! I am blown away.  Seriously.  You are all AMAZING!   Don’t forget, if you’ve donated, please head over to Krissy’s blog and enter to win a $50 gift card! […]

  5. I donated to Ashley. I think it was just before you posted this blog post so let me know if that doesn’t count. Great thing you are doing for her. Go Ashley!

  6. I donated to Ashley. I think this is awesome! We just participated in Moving Towards a Cure for Brain Tumors, Miles for Hope. We collected $150 for that event and every donation counts. I shared her link on my FB & re-tweeted on Twitter and hope she gets more donations for this cause!! 🙂

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