Pup has a name!

Remember that time I went on a super-fun 10-day long trip to the West Coast (that still isn’t totally recapped – see Part 1 here) and while I was gone, hubs adopted the cutest pup ever?


Also, remember when it took a whole week to come up with the perfect name for our lil pupperoni? When hubs and I both came up with lists and each name was shot down, systematically? And I wondered when our lil fur ball would ever get a name?

Well, it finally presented itself when we drove down to Ft Lauderdale for the weekend for me to take my RRCA Coaching Certification course and I rearranged accommodations so pup could come along on the trip…and he discovered some different wildlife down in South Florida…namely those of the furry-tailed variety.

So, without further ado…


He’s got a name! And with that, today is his first vet check up and yay me, I get to take him. πŸ˜‰

Do you have a pet?


25 thoughts on “Pup has a name!

  1. Really like the name … something about it makes me smile, but I can’t put my finger on it. We have an old (14-year-old) dog named Tucker. Well, he’s not really a dog. He’s a pomeranian. But technically he’s a canine.

    • “Well, he’s not really a dog. He’s a pomeranian.” <– LOL! That cracked me up!!!!

      And thanks, Sam! I was so hung up on finding the right name, and just like magic, it presented itself πŸ™‚

  2. Yayyyy I am so excited oyu adopted a pup. We have had wubby for almost a year and a half and he is like a son to me. i know that sounds crazy. never thought i would be so attached but totallly am

  3. Adorbs! He’s such a cutie! He looks a lot like my pup, Cinderella. They have similar coloring and scruffy terrier fur. Love!

  4. Adorable! My dog’s name is Nala. Okay, so I know Nala is technically the name of a big cat, but my dog just looked like a Nala! πŸ™‚

  5. Yay Dug!!! He is one of my favourite characters ever.

    Picking a dog’s name is really hard! Luckily our pup Peat came with his name since he was four when we got him and had been a show dog. He was obviously pretty attached to his name and it suits him perfectly.

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  7. Yay for a name and pet adoption! You will enjoy all your time as a pet parent. We have 2 rescued mutts…Kona (5) and Ace (2) they both have their own personalities.

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