2013 (Inaugural) Disneyland 10K Recap!



Day 3 of my Disneyland trip started with an early wakeup call: it was time to run the first leg of the Dumbo Double Dare! I had run the Disneyland Half Marathon in 2011, and the Tinker Bell Half (as well as the Neverland 5K) earlier in the year, so I was super excited to log some more miles at the Happiest Place on Earth and finally reveal the costume that I had worked on for an embarrasingly long amount of time: a run-friendly Dapper Dans tribute! Since I was so excited to get full use out of the costume (and oh, the fact I was running 13.1 the next day) my only goal for this race was to get as many pictures (#allthepics!) as possible and of course, have an absolute blast 😀

The starting area was mere footsteps away from my room at the Grand Californian so the morning routine was easy! I had the mini Clif Bar for breakfast (that had been in the swag bag from the Expo) and drank some water before heading to the Disneyland Hotel hat for a quick photo with my t#rD pals…as well as some of the other fun groups I’m part of…check out J’s awesome costume!


Amazing, right?

Before long, it was about time to begin the slow mosey over to the start area…and time to run into more friends!

My friends Kris and Mindy!

Ran into my friends Kris and Mindy!

After a bit of chaos, we made it from the holding area we seemed to be stuck in and were able to enter our corrals. Excitement was building, especially since this was the first time runDisney was working a simultaneous 5K and 10K at the Disneyland event. Soon enough, it was time to GO!

The beginning of the race was a good warm up, it was out and around the resort area, through the Anaheim Convention Center, before we entered the fun part: the parks! I definitely used the earlier part to hit a comfortable stride before the photo frenzy that would take place in both Disneyland and Disney California Adventure, with DCA, and particularly the Cars Land area, first (here’s the full map).

First character stop! Do you know this guy's name?

First character stop! Do you know this guy’s name?

I think lots of people skipped this stop, but I was excited because I had never gotten a pic with this guy before! Next up:

Too fun.

Too fun.

After we left Cars Land, it was out and around to the Paradise Pier area of the park. I ran into some friendly flowers, and though there wasn’t any character attendants around to snap pics, the other flower jumped in to help!

Flower Power!

Flower Power!

After that, it was around the midway, toward the Toy Story Attraction and Woody and Jessie!

Love them!

Love them!

Yahoo! I was flying off of good vibes at that point and I was pretty much running in tandem with my friend Mickey (check out his blog HERE, he’s running all the runDisney events this year to raise $$ for Make a Wish), who was hitting a similar clip and objective (character clips, galore). I saw him taking a pic with the Storytellers statue and he was kind enough to snap this one for me:

Thanks, Mickey! ;)

Thanks, Mickey! 😉

It was almost time to leave DCA to make the run backstage and over to Disneyland, but before we could do that, I saw this awesome stop! No WAY was I going to miss that fun! Yeahhhh!



I guess all that excitement was getting to my costume…my velcro’ed bow tie was now hanging my a thread and the side seams of my duct-taped vest were fraying a little. But I ran on to my favorite park with a smile on my face – after all, I was powered by pixie dust – and I could just be more creative with my poses! 😉



No matter how many times I enter Disneyland, it’s always makes me super duper happy. We headed to the back of the park and emerged in Toontown and saw another two of my favorite characters to see on the course:

D + C!

D + C!

Rounding the corner into Fantasyland, I was practically sprinting because I saw the event’s namesake characters, Alice and the Mad Hatter at Mile 5! In other road races, I might be excited to see the race coming to an end, but each time I runDisney, I have to admit that I get a little emotional that it’s almost over!

A Very Merry Unbirthday!

A Very Merry Unbirthday!

…the Red Queen set me straight quick enough though!

Off with your head!

Off with your head!

…and a little goofin’ around with these guys…

First time meeting them!

First time meeting them!

…before taking off through Sleeping Beauty Castle – bow tie and iPhone in hand! I cannot wait to buy this pic!



One more pic with a silly duo was necessary….

Chip n Dale in Frontierland!

Chip n Dale in Frontierland!

…and a stretch outta the park…and the 10K, part 1 of the Dumbo Dare – was done! It FLEW by!

10K done!

Race One Done!

I finished in 58:50 with a huge grin on my face and lots of excited energy to play in the parks the rest of the day, and prep for a fun race the very next day! My mission was truly accomplished – all the pics -12 in 6.2 miles AND all the fun – and I truly enjoyed every minute of the race – the 10K distance is a fabulous fit for the Disneyland Half Marathon weekend – long enough to be a challenge for those looking for something past a 5K, but do-able and character-filled enough for a challenge weekend, or even a big goal race.

While I am not planning on any of the upcoming challenge weekends ahead (Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend’s Goofy or Dopey Challenges, or the Princess Half Marathon’s Glass Slipper Challenge) I am registered for the 10K race during Marathon Weekend (newly branded as the Minnie 10K) and I am anxious to see how that race will compare with this one, in terms of the course/character offerings.

Did you run the Disneyland 10K? If not, is it one you’d consider adding to your race bucket list?

21 thoughts on “2013 (Inaugural) Disneyland 10K Recap!

  1. Awesome recap! That was such a run race. For a bit it felt like we were racing each other to the character spots. Great read here. See you at the next one! P.S., thanks for the plug. 😉

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