Hoppin’ Along on Bainbridge Island.

There were so many wonderful adventures that J and I went on during my visit to Seattle, but one of the most memorable came from one simple encounter…with a frog.

"Beatrice" by Mary Roland.
“Beatrice” by Mary Roland.

This cute frog statue was placed outside of Bainbridge Bakers, our first stop of the day once we reached Bainbridge Island. With lattes in hand, we admired the quirky appeal of the frog and didn’t think much more about it…until we walked back toward the waterfront area and ran into this handsome fella:

J posing with “Jack” by Susan Najarian

Two awesome and artfully styled frogs on one small island…could there be more? We had to get to the bottom of this froggy business – but first, a walk back to the shopping area where the bakery was…and aha! We found another!

"Liliana Ribbert" by Gillian Bull.
“Liliana Ribbert” by Gillian Bull.

J and I moved the car to a downtown slot before we grabbed brunch at Cafe Nola (so majorly yum). And as we walked around to the different shops…we saw them! Jackpot! Tons of froggy friends!!

"Bel Ranocchio" by Mesolini Glass Studio.
“Bel Ranocchio” by Mesolini Glass Studio.

This one was really neat to see! So many intricate pieces, all with unique flair.

"Ribbit Mondarian" by Karin Heidemann.
“Ribbit Mondarian” by Karin Heidemann.

This one was in the Paper Products stationary store:

"C.C. Patches" by Joanna Arndt & Family
“C.C. Patches” by Joanna Arndt & Family

These guys were in The Winslow Mall area, and where I found a cool map that would lead us to more frog sightings – plus we learned that the frogs were part of a massive (36 frog) art installation that not only benefits the Bainbridge Island Downtown Association (BIDA), but features all local artists (Frogs on the Rock, 2013). Pretty neat, eh?

Elsie” by Chris McMasters (this frog is on the move!)
"Frog'n Boots" by Linda & Chloe Sismour.
“Frog’n Boots” by Linda & Chloe Sismour.

But, oh no! Right after I snapped “Frog’n Boots,” my camera gave me a horrible warning: it was full! Hurriedly, I went through and deleted what I could (I have a bad habit of not deleting pictures, so there was a pretty impressive backlog) so we could move and and find more frogs to meet!

"Wild Ernest" by Stephanie Deupree - I liked the play on words here, the store it's located in front of is called "Wildernest"
“Wild Ernest” by Stephanie Deupree – I liked the play on words here, the store it’s located in front of is called “Wildernest”

J and I left the downtown area to do a little more exploring around the island, not knowing a lot of what to expect…but we did happen upon Bainbridge Island Brewing so after a quick sampler flight, and chatting with the friendly bartenders, we were steered in the direction of seeing The Original “Frog Rock” – and we had NO idea what to expect!


We had very little information to go from, when it came to locating that original frog…just an intersection and a vague idea. And believe it or not, we totally drove by it once without even noticing…but the second try…well, let’s just say it took us by surprise!

The Original "Frog Rock"
The Original “Frog Rock”

Yes, that magnificent beast was the inspiration behind it all (Here’s more about the story behind it, if you were curious). And while it may not be the most attractive thing that I have ever seen, it certainly was…er…big.

For scale:

(Wo)man eating frog!
(Wo)man eating frog!

And just because I am weird:

Yup… #flystyle meets #frogstyle? LOL.

Soon enough, it was time to move onto the next attraction on the island, but we could NOT stop laughing after that stop, and each time we thought about the weirdness of that rock, our laughter grew louder! We almost choked on our ice cream at Mora…and beyond (pretty much the rest of the weekend. And to be honest, right now).

But before we left, we saw one last pretty one of the day:

"Froggy Froggy Night" by Leigh Knowles Metteer.
“Froggy Froggy Night” by Leigh Knowles Metteer.

This one was probably my favorite!

Although we didn’t get to see all of the frogs (just under 1/3 of them, in fact) it was definitely awesome to see the ones that we did! Once I got home, I checked the website and found that they’ll be on display through September 2014 – at that point, they will be auctioned off as a BIDA fundraiser. They also have their own Facebook page 🙂

J and I had an absolute blast on our frog hunt, and if you are in the Seattle area anytime between now and next fall, I’d definitely recommend checking it out as part of a fun day spent on Bainbridge Island. Between the good eats/drinks (Bainbridge Bakery, Cafe Nola, Bainbridge Island Brewing and Mora), the fantastic attractions (Bainbridge Island Japanese American Memorial, Bay Hay and FeedBloedel Reserve) and the gorgeous views from every direction, it was definitely a highlight of my trip!

Have you ever met the Frogs on the Rock? Does your hometown have cool claims to fame?


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