Life with Dug: Our Adoption Story (& a contest)!

It’s hard to believe that just a few weeks ago, I received an email from hubs that I would have never expected. I was on vacation in Seattle, seeing my mom and sister, and he (very uncharacteristically) write me a long, detailed email about a trip he made to The Humane Society of Sarasota County (HSSC). You see, although I’ve been asking for a pup for quite some time (see THIS post from more than three years ago) and I knew the thought was in hubs’ head more recently (when he asked out landlord if we could have pets on the lease), I had no idea when it would happen.

Here’s an excerpt of that email:

“There were two dogs there transported from Louisiana from an overcrowded shelter which I think you might like. I played with both of them and they both have very nice personalities. They were not afraid and were very friendly.”
He went on to describe those two dogs, one girl (shih-tzu mix) and one boy (terrier-mix). Along with their descriptions, hubs included little videos that he linked, and both, of course were adorable…but when I read this:
“He is 3 years old and some sort of terrier mix and about 10 pounds. I was petting him and noticed a small bump on his side by his ribs. Apparently it is a bone spur and of no concern. There was a hold on him today but the people never came to get him, so he is available again.”
…all of a sudden I was really sad! I know that there are many reasons the people might have changed their mind, but I just felt bummed out for that doggie! At the time, his shelter name was Future – and so soon after I read that email, I called hubs to talk about it. As much as I thought either pup would be wonderful additions to our home, I myself had my doubts…after all, we had a few trips coming up, we didn’t know a lot about Future’s past (LOL) – even how old he was….and, well, as much as I wanted a pup, we weren’t ready! We needed to buy all his stuff…toys, food, etc….
Hubs felt the same, but deep down, I could hear in his voice that he was taking a liking to little Future….and sure enough, the next phone conversation we had was about his second visit to the HSSC, and that he had put a hold on him! It was going to happen! Hubs was to pick up our pup on Friday, September 6. I wouldn’t be getting home until Monday so the boys would have some bonding time before I got home 🙂
I just met you and I love you.
I just met you and I love you.
On Monday, September 9 – my life really changed forever! Hubs didn’t tell me that he was bringing pup to pick me up from the airport (he even jumped out of the car and scared me half to death) but once I saw his face and his happy wagging tail, it was true love at first sight. It took a while to come up with a good name for our furry friend, but after a week of getting to know him, his name was picked.

We are so thankful for the HSSC for bringing Dug into our lives – you see, he had been transported here from an overcrowded shelter in Louisiana…and so, when we saw that they were running a fundraising contest for their 2014 calendar, we jumped at the chance to sign Dug up!

What the HSSC is doing is creating a calendar called “The Real Housepets of Sarasota County” – a special calendar which will showcase the Top-13 pet photos and help save the lives of homeless pets in need. Since the HSSC relies completely on private donations, bequests and grants to do its lifesaving work, donations are necessary for their work (they help more than 1,000 homeless pets in need annually).

So, how can you help?

Vote HERE.
Vote HERE.

Through October 5, you can click HERE to vote Dug into the top-13! Votes are $1 and all money goes toward helping pets in need – it really is a win-win! ❤ Please post any questions or comments here, and I’d be glad to get back to you ASAP! And Dug thanks you in advance!

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and if you can, please check out the contest! 🙂


  1. So excited for you! When we got our first dog, it was a similar situation. (I begged & begged for a dog & the hubs was later, when we’re more ready, etc. but he surprised me with our sweet little pup Sami & now she has a brother we adopted, Gus.) Dogs are so awesome & full of love. Sounds like Dug is a perfect fit to your family (so stinkin’ cute!) Love the calendar idea too!!!

  2. Love your story! I want a little pup so badly, but my schedule isn’t predictable quite yet. I had always assumed I would buy from a breeder, but so many people, like you, have had such great stories with shelters, I might need to go play at one soon 🙂

  3. […] It was called “Pooches and Pints” and was held at our local craft brew bar, Mr. Beery’s (same place we had participated in the Beer Mile last year) and I honestly went just with the intention of having a nice beer, purchasing some raffle tickets (all proceeds benefitted the Humane Society of Sarasota County (HSSC), where we adopted Dug). […]

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